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5 Signs You Are Ready For Senior Accommodation


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Choosing to pack up your home and move into senior accommodation is never a decision that someone takes lightly. There are bound to be pros and cons, but you will know when the time is right. Here are five signs that you are actually ready for senior accommodation, and some advice around making the transition easier. 

The Repairs Jobs Are Stacking Up

It’s no major secret that owning a home means managing a list of repair jobs too. When these are beginning to pile up and become unmanageable, this is a good indication that you are ready for something different. The pressure leads to anxiety, and a lack of enjoyment in daily life because you are too preoccupied with all of the jobs that need to be done around the home. Moving into assisted living facilities means this will no longer be a problem, and you can just relax and enjoy the environment without any of the stresses around maintenance. 

The Housework Is Exhausting

Much like repair jobs, every home needs cleaning on an almost daily basis. When the dust is thick and it is causing you pain or draining your energy supplies doing simple things like hoovering, this should be warning enough. The decision to move on may mean you are better supported in all areas including cooking and cleaning, and this can refresh your energy and protect wellbeing too. 

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Your Social Life Is Depleting

If there’s one thing to remember as you get older, it is that a healthy, active social life will enhance your life. Seeing friends might be difficult as you age, but moving into a senior village will present an opportunity for creating new, consistent social interactions and finding friendship groups. 

A Lack of Variety

Everyone needs a hobby or an interest to keep their mind active and support general health. Senior-centric locations are the way forward here because there are often facilities such as a gym, classes, group opportunities, restaurants, and so much more. This means you have access to variety right on your doorstep, and it will make it so much easier to actually get out and experience things again. 

Reliable Costs

Moving to a pension or reduced income is always going to be a concern for a number of reasons. Opting for a lease that is often all-inclusive (meals, bills, maintenance, etc) is the superior option and will give you a sense of comfort and peace. 

Some Advice For Moving

If you have made the choice to move out of your home and into this type of accommodation, you may be interested in senior relocation services that will help the transition run smoothly. Packing up an entire house and relocating is never straightforward, regardless of what age you are. So leaning on things in place to help will definitely make navigating this change far easier. 

The fact is, there comes a time in life when you are ready to be looked after a little more and do a little less. It doesn’t mean you have to stop, and if anything it can be a significantly positive change that supports better mental and physical health.

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