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6 Reasons to Get a CCTV Pipe Inspection


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Using CCTV technology in plumbing is a terrific idea of the 21st century. It sources inside information about your pipes, making it one of the most trusted and popular techniques. By inserting a tiny camera with an LED light into the pipes, a plumber in Mornington can capture the footage of the inside situation of the pipes. 

This footage shows any blockages or damages in your pipes. Based on that input, your drain technician will then determine your due course of action. 

But homeowners often ask one question — how much information can a CCTV inspection provide? In short, more than one might expect. 

CCTV inspection provides both immediate and long-term benefits for your plumbing system. Here are 6 of the benefits you can expect to gain from a CCTV pipeline inspection. 

1. Establishing Pipe Layouts

Pipelines go all over the place, from underground and above ground to interior and exterior. Understanding where the pipes run on your premise is rather helpful in all kinds of home improvement projects. 

Back in the day, it was all manually laid out and inspected. But now, with CCTV inspection in the picture, it all has become vastly convenient and efficient. You get data instantly about the new and old pipelines, giving you enough time to plan for your desired modifications.

Your plumber in Mornington will have a better view of the lay of the land. 

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2. Assessing Pipe Blocks

Of all the reasons on this list, CCTV inspections are the most common for assessing the blocks in pipelines. It reveals the cause of a block, thus, making the solution clear to the plumber.

Because CCTV pipe inspections are non-invasive and incredibly accurate, plumbers have become keen to use it more than any other technique. In a nutshell, it takes the guesswork out of a job. 

Further, professionals advise inspecting pipes both before and after the repairs. Inspection before repairs tells the cause and severity of the problem, whereas inspection after repairs shows the efficiency of the work done. It is assuring for the homeowner as well as the plumber. 

3. Ensuring Better Operation of the System

Sometimes, a plumbing system does not show signs even when it is suffering damage. For example, a small crack in the pipe can allow waste seepage or let soil enter the pipes. You cannot tell these problems unless they become big and show signs. 

Thus, professionals suggest carrying out a CCTV pipe inspection once in a while to locate and repair such miscellaneous issues. Perhaps, you can have the inspection once a year to monitor your pipes’ condition and avoid unexpected breakdowns. It is especially necessary if your home is old. 

Many plumbing companies provide drain cleaning and relining services along with CCTV inspection. Take advantage of one of those services and experience the benefits yourself.

4. Catching Tenants Red-handed

Reckless tenants often mistreat a home’s plumbing. They throw garbage down the drain and cause severe blocks, leading to expensive repairs for landlords. In such cases, the owners can run a quick CCTV inspection and check the cause of the problem. This is your evidence to hold your tenants accountable. 

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Comparing footage from before the tenancy started with the current one, you can have solid proof that your tenant mishandled your property. These footages also help in insurance claims. 

Besides, you can also put a proactive pipe management and maintenance plan in place with all the data you gathered from the inspection. Thus, without a doubt, CCTV inspections are lifesavers for landlords.  

5. Enforcing Your Rights as a Tenant

If you are not a landlord but a tenant, you can still use CCTV inspection to your advantage. You can ask your landlord for a pipe inspection before the tenancy begins. It is to ensure you are signing an agreement for a home that is in good condition. 

Even when you have already moved in, you can ask your owner for an inspection if you suspect any issues with the pipes and drains. If they reject your request, you can have it done at your own expense and show evidence of any issues with the plumbing. 

With this proof, your landlord will be compelled to make necessary repairs. Some cases that necessitate a CCTV inspection: 

  • Slow kitchen drains
  • Toilets blocking often
  • Musty smell from carpets or walls
  • Smelly, gurgling, or knocking pipes

6. Buying a New Home

Buying a home is a dream for many. At that moment, you must consider various factors, including the plumbing system’s health. A bad plumbing system makes a home dysfunctional. 

So, you can have a CCTV pipe inspection to understand the plumbing situation of your prospective home. It gives you the right estimate of the home’s value. And if there are any issues, you can have them rectified before purchasing.

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In some cases, the damages are too heavy and repairing them is costly as a diamond-studded watch. Then, it is better to move on rather than settle for it. 

Final Thoughts

CCTV pipe inspections have become a go-to remedy for major plumbing problems. Long story short, it tells you the cause, severity, and type of the problem. All this is crucial information for a plumber in Mornington; they can be sure of the solution instead of guessing. 

Mornington Jetting is an excellent partner for CCTV inspections. They have the skill, experience, and technology to conduct effective pipe assessments. Reach out to them if there ever is a need. 

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