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6 Reasons Why You Should Try Painting Once In Your Life


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Painting is an interesting hobby or skill. This can be done individually, as a group, or even while sipping your favorite drink, just like what Paint Pinot offers to their audience and community. If you are planning to splash some color into your life through painting, here’s brief and fun information about all you need to know about painting and why it is a good hobby for you.

A Quick Brief: Notable People In Painting                   

Throughout history, many renowned icons in painting have shared their talent with the world. Their works have inspired many individuals today, and surely you have been inspired by this too. With their famous pieces, many generations have appreciated the masterpiece they have created. Here are some of those individuals greatly admired in the world of painting that you might have heard:

  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Michelangelo
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Andy Warhol
  • Jackson Pollock
  • Wolfgang Tillmans
  • Miquel Barcelo

Why Can Painting Be Good For You?

When deciding if adding painting to your list of hobbies or simply learning it for added talent and skill, you are most likely to ask yourself what good it offers.

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In painting, there are a lot of simple joys and great benefits you can experience, whether emotional or physical. Here are some of the good things and some surprises you can experience when painting:

1. An Instant Stress Reliever

Painting can instantly help relieve stress and lets you relax as you go along the experience. This is through the need to focus on what you are creating and less on the problem.

2. Promotes the Development of Creativity and Motor Skills

As you start to paint, your creative juices ignite and flow, which promotes better personality development. Your motor skills, particularly the muscles in your brain and hands, also get exercised.

3. Can Aid In Emotional Expression

In a more emotional sense, painting can help you express whatever feeling you can’t explain or put into words. Right at your color palette, the stroke you do with your drawing, and the final image.

4. It Can Harness Your Memory and Eyesight

Another good thing your painting hobby can do is strengthen your memory and eyesight. Painting helps in sharpening the mind, which prevents Alzheimer’s and keeps your eyes in check.

5. You Can Earn In Return

Your painting can help in making you get good earnings. From a simple hobby, you can showcase your painting and let other enthusiasts appreciate your work and buy it from you so they can keep it.

6. It Is A Great Activity and Bonding For Friends and Family

You can host an intimate and fun get-together with your friends and family through painting. This way, you can create more memories and continue growing your bond with them.

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Inspirations For Your Painting Journey         

Deciding to paint does not necessarily mean you must get all the professional tools painters have. You can choose to work with the space available at home or work. Just in case you get bitten by the creativity bug and are inspired to do some painting, here are some ideas you can try that are sure to give you satisfaction and happiness in your painting journey:

  • Jazz up your room or studio walls
  • Give your dinnerware a makeover by painting on cups, plates, and more
  • Create personalized and decorated wood, metal, or glass pieces
  • Paint on some plant pots in your garden
  • Give your windows a little creativity by revamping the glass panes
  • Express your love or regards to family and friends through a hand-painted card
  • Upcycle your bags or clothes by adding a little customization through painting

Get Lost In Art!

Painting is one of the world’s most well-known pieces of literature that many have appreciated throughout generations. You can easily add painting as your hobby or learn it as a skill or talent. In doing so, you get a lot of benefits and good experiences when you start your painting journey. You can freely express your creativity and spread optimism to many individuals through your artwork.

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