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6 Unique Ways to Boost Sales Using Promotional Marketing Campaigns


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Promotional marketing campaigns are fantastic for both creating new sales, and inspiring already-loyal customers to make more purchases. If your business has needed a sales and brand awareness boost anytime over the last year, you’ll understand how important it is to achieve that goal. To help you do just that, here are six unique ways to boost sales using promotional marketing campaigns: 

1. Personalized Promotional Gifts

If you have high-roller customers, especially ones you’ve known for a long while, you can show them how much you appreciate them by gifting them a fully personalized marketing gift. Whether you’re gifting them branded hats, sports towels, or something else, you can put their name on them to make your gift even more impressive. The more effort you put into personalizing the gift, the more loyalty you’ll inspire in the customers you gift them to. Even with more vast promotional marketing campaigns, you can use personalized gifts to your advantage (although it will take a lot more coordination than normal to do so). 

2. Offer Gifts for Contact Info 

If you’re looking to boost sales with promo marketing, it’s important to create a useful, but reasonable quid pro quo situation with the people you’re giving gifts to. By exchanging their contact information for the promo gift, you’re building up your resources for expanding your sales and building your business empire. You can get even more creative and ask for other sales-boosting information beyond simple contact information. Getting people to sign up for newsletters is another useful avenue to consider when using this strategy. If you’re using this tip, it’s crucial that you treat people with respect, and that you never become too aggressive with your communication efforts. 

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3. Keep Your Marketing Ideas Varied

Companies that get too predictable and complacent with their marketing efforts quickly fall behind more inventive and motivated business competitors. To ensure customers continue to remember your existence, and the quality of your brand, you need to use a varied marketing plan. Alongside more traditional advertising routes, you can use promotional marketing campaigns to inspire loyalty and excitement within your target audience. The more often you send out promo gifts, the more frequently they will think about, appreciate, and consider shopping at your business. You can think of lots of exciting ways to make each new promo marketing campaign stand out from the last, keeping this way of reaching customers fresh as a result. 

4. Gain Social Media Followers 

Speaking of varied marketing ideas, you can combine promo marketing campaigns with social media marketing efforts to great effect. When you send out promo gifts, ask your followers to post their gifts on their social media profiles. When they do so, you’ll be extending your brand’s reach to thousands of new potential customers (which can quickly translate into a significant boost to your sales). You can offer discounts, free items, and other perks for customers who participate in this social media promotion to increase the number of customers who will actually post online. Being intelligent and kind during this type of campaign outreach is key to finding success. 

5. Provide Valuable Discounts 

You can provide discounts outside of quid pro quo situations. After all, people are much more likely to patron your business if they know they’ll be saving money on their end by doing so. Consider what type of discount your company can afford with ease, and then send out promo gifts that come with coupons and other valuable discount opportunities. This will allow you to bring customers who haven’t been in your business in a while back to your brand. The more attractive the discounts you offer are, the more likely this creative marketing outreach effort is to be successful, so be sure to get bold with the discounts you offer to your customer base. 

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6. Retain Valuable Customers 

Alongside creating new customers and sales opportunities, you can use promo marketing campaigns to retain already existing and valuable customers. If you have customers who have been using your business’s services frequently for years, reward them with a promo gift that shows them how much you care. Not only will this help you retain their business, but it will help you inspire them to come to visit your storefront ASAP as well. 

Unlock Sales with Promo Marketing 

With the right promo marketing campaign, you can easily unlock a whole new slate of sales. Each promo gift you give out has the opportunity to create a brand-new, and highly loyal customer, after all.

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