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7 Best Places To Recruit New Talent


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Finding the perfect people to fill vacancies in your company roster is always challenging. Choosing the right employees to add to your team is a significant decision that can profoundly affect the success of your business.

The job market looks at a strong hiring outlook this year, with 93 percent of employers worldwide planning to hire, up from last year’s 82 percent.

However, employers face particular challenges when finding new people to join their company. These include finding people with the appropriate skills, matching their expectations, and competing with other companies for the same candidates.

If you’re pressed for finding avenues to get your job listing out there, we’ve got seven suggestions for you to try.

1. Internal Job Postings

Sometimes, the right person to fill a much-needed role is right under your nose. Why not hire someone already within the company if the position calls for it?

Promoting or transferring an existing employee would cost the company less money and resources. Onboarding would be less of a hassle, and you already have a good idea of this person’s work ethic and capabilities. 

2. Employee Referrals

Your employees already have existing personal and professional networks and a working knowledge of your industry. This allows them to gauge whether any of the people in their networks fit your company’s vacant positions.

If you haven’t yet, try establishing an employee referral program within the company. You could offer bonuses or rewards to employees that successfully refer new hires. Aside from boosting morale, it is an effective way to reach qualified candidates.

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3. Recruitment Firms

A recruitment firm or headhunter could be beneficial, especially if your company is short-staffed or needs assistance. Working with one could be significantly advantageous when hiring for managerial positions, as they have the networks and focus required to accomplish the job.

However, make sure to do your research before hiring one. Look into their rates, processes, and industry specializations. These will allow you to find the most suitable firm for your hiring needs.

4. Candidate Database

Your database of former candidates is another place to look for new hires. You may have encountered talented candidates during previous hiring processes that didn’t get hired due to competition.

You could reach out to them and encourage them to reapply for the position. You already have an existing relationship with these people. Reaching out to them is much quicker and more convenient than finding potential candidates from scratch.

5. Online Job Boards

Posting your job listing to online job boards is an excellent way to increase visibility and attract more applicants. 

Many of these platforms also offer convenient ways to apply, sort through applications, and communicate with possible candidates.

6. Social Media

Like online job boards, social media offers more opportunities for people to see your listing, attracting possible candidates.

Aside from posting on your company’s social media pages, you can also join specialized groups, which could be more specific to your target audience.

7. Networking Events

Networking events are an excellent avenue for socializing with like-minded professionals, especially ones in the same industry. What’s a better place for publicizing your job opening?

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Even if you couldn’t find a new hire at the event, the people you talk to could point you toward potential leads.

With the many challenges posed by today’s ever-changing job market, companies need to be creative and resourceful during the hiring process. Using one or a combination of these platforms would likely increase your chances of finding quality candidates.


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