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7 Ways To Convert Your Blog Traffic From Readers Into Leads


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If you have a blog, it can help your audience find you through various channels where you have a presence. It will also generate traffic of some value. What can you do with that traffic? You can be smart and capture new leads coming from blog visitors.

By creating and sharing content, you can attract organic traffic. By using these lead marketing strategies, you can ensure that the blog traffic brings in leads that can eventually convert into customers.

Using Lead Magnets

When you offer something of value for accessing a prospect’s contact details, it is called a lead magnet. The offer can be in the form of a market report, an informative video, a white paper, or any form of content that can offer value to visitors. Also, always gate the content so that you can capture the prospect information accurately.

The best thing about high-quality magnets is that you can ask for more details, including contact numbers and job titles, citing the quality of the content.

Doing Remarketing

There are powerful marketing tools available that allow you to pixel your existing visitors and target them with offers on websites outside your blog. These are relevant offers that are hard to resist.

The impact of retargeting depends on the ads – they must be a clear and powerful copy, have a visible CTA, and direct the prospects to a landing page. There is a good chance of lead generation and conversion with the right approach to retargeting and the best ads.

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Making Content Upgrades

The content upgrade is a relatively new term in content marketing, although it’s a strategy that’s been around for a while. The concept is simple. It adds value to readers by offering something of value in the middle of the post. This can be a free download, a list of resources, or a checklist.

Offering Special Promotions

Offering something personalized to your lead can be one of the best marketing strategies. It can be a product-specific discount for a limited time or a valuable giveaway in lieu of signup. Entering into collaborations with other similar businesses can also help generate leads by accessing a whole new audience.


A call to action may seem like a no-brainer to marketers, but this is often forgotten in a rush to create quality and attention-grabbing content. Once you have done the hard work of getting your audience on your blog, try to convert them as quickly as possible.

A clearly worded and highly visible CTA on your blog can help convert leads into customers and drive sales. Usually, the CTA is provided at the footer. That’s the right place because it indicates that you have provided useful content, and now you are asking the visitor to show that they have liked the content by performing an action requested.

You can use all these suggestions to convert your blog readers to leads and from leads to customers. The blog can act as the perfect platform for sharing information and knowledge and nurturing leads.


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