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How Long Does a Spray Tan Stay on Skin?


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Who doesn’t desire a gorgeous tan? But it’s easier said than done. You must prepare your skin well before tanning and take care of it well after tanning. Plus, you must tan it at needed intervals to maintain that perfect tan. So, how often should you tan?

There isn’t one answer for all. It depends on the skin type and the shade of tan.

According to most tanning salons, you must tan 2-3 times a month. But this isn’t a hard and fast rule. A lot depends on how well your skin takes the tan and how you look at the end.

How do spray tans work?

The tanning expert sprays the product on your skin in the form of fine mist. This product contains the active ingredient DHA – Dihydroxyacetone. This is a kind of sugar-like compound, a simple carbohydrate (but not to be ingested), produced through the natural fermentation process.

DHA reacts with the epidermis layer (outer layer) of your skin to create a tan. The reaction creates melanoidins, which are responsible for giving you that lovely golden hue.

This process of forming melanoidins takes several hours after the spray tan hits your skin. That’s why you must let your skin just be. Showers are a strict no.

After a tanning session, East Boca Raton tanning experts provide a set of guidelines to their customers for proper skincare. This helps the tan stay longer.

Duration of tan

How long your tan will stay depends on the shade. Darker shades use stronger products. At times, the expert may spray two times on your skin to develop a deeper shade.

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Let’s have a look at how long your tan will stay:

  • Dark shades: They last upto 10 days. The strong color takes time to fade. They give you a rich deep color. And if you take proper care of your skin, you can happily flaunt your sensuous bronze a lot longer.
  • Medium shades: They last upto 8 days. Medium tan, too, uses strong products, but not as strong as those used in dark shades.
  • Light shades: They last upto 5 days. Light tanning is done through mild tanning products. Naturally, it will fade off faster.

Why is there a difference in staying time?

Tans differ in their staying time due to the DHA content in them. Darker tanning products have more DHA. The more the product contains DHA, the longer it is likely to stay on your skin.

The tanning expert’s skill also plays a role in how well you get a tan. No wonder it’s important that you step into a prestigious salon known for its excellent tanning services.

Search for “sunless tanning near me” and find such a salon in your area.


To enjoy the best shade on your skin, you must put in the effort to follow certain guidelines. And if you wish to stay the bronze beauty for longer, make sure you undergo the tanning sessions before your entire tan fades out.

How long your tan will stay depends on the shade. Darker shades use stronger products. At times, the expert may spray two times on your skin to develop a deeper shade.


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