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8 Must-Haves for Those Who Work from Home


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A cooling pad, monitor stand, electric massager, and other gadgets from online stores will make your life much easier when you are working from home.

Gaming chair

There is no compulsion that you must have an office table and chair to work from home. A gaming chair can be an excellent alternative. A gaming chair is designed so that you can even sit on it for 10 hours in a row: a lumbar cushion, a head pillow, and a retractable footrest help a lot with this. The chair is upholstered in durable, pleasant leather that does not rub. You can choose from different colors too. Buyers in the reviews write that the chair is comfortable and easy to assemble.

Electric massager

A gadget for those who want to relax a bit during working hours. The large heated massager will stretch your back, hips, neck, and shoulders. People in the reviews praise the seller for the fast courier delivery. And as an alternative, you can choose a compact neck massager, which you can easily take with you anywhere.

Cooling pad

To keep your laptop from getting too hot and buzzing during long periods of use, buy a large cooling pad. It has six fans, it is almost silent and removes heat from the PC well. Another plus point is the height adjustment. You can place the laptop higher so that your neck is less tired. The stand is sold in two colors: red and blue. Suitable for laptops up to 17 inches.

Wireless keyboard

 A wireless model with a touchpad that allows you to work in a variety of positions – for example, leaning back in a chair.  The device is suitable not only for computers but also for phones and tablets. Satisfied customers write in reviews that they did not expect such fast delivery.

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Monitor stand

A good thing to neatly organize the workspace. In the compartments of the stand, you can put papers, stationery, and useful small things. Another table will help those who have a very tired neck when working at a PC – by placing the monitor 10 cm higher, you will slightly relieve the load on the muscles.

Table lamp

Smart lamp with a bunch of useful features. It has three brightness modes, showing temperature, time, any day of the week. If there is such a lamp near the computer, you can almost not be afraid for your eyesight: the white matte light does not glare, and therefore does not irritate the eyes. The lamp runs on battery power for 4-5 hours and charges via USB.

Foot pillow

When you sit in one position for a long time, you really want to stretch your stiff legs, and with such an inflatable stand you can do it almost anywhere. It can be placed under the table or near the office chair. Buyers in the reviews write that they also use the pillow on long trips or flights.

Computer glasses

Simple glasses with special lenses that relieve eye strain when working at a computer. According to the seller, the glasses protect against blue light and glare, thereby helping to reduce the load on the visual receptors. We haven’t found any scientific studies to support this, but people in the reviews say that it’s actually easier to work on a PC with glasses.

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