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8 Useful Apps for Travelling at Work


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Do you ever travel for work? Is travel an essential part of your role? Perhaps you are required to travel for reasons outside of work, but don’t want it to get in the way of it. Whatever the reason, being able to work whilst travelling can be useful – for instance if you’re a freelancer and would otherwise lose income from not working. You could ask any IT support company and they would tell you that, these days, it’s very easy to work while travelling – you just need to have the right apps to support it.

So, what apps are needed when travelling and working at the same time?

  • TravelPerk

If travelling abroad is a part of your work or freelance schedule, then you’ll need to organize business travel frequently. It can sometimes be difficult to find the best options when it comes to arranging flights and accommodations. TravelPerk is a great way to see all the options in one place. While there are many sites for air travel, and different sites for trains (and often sites don’t list every option available), TravelPerk is solves this by consolidating all these options into one inventory. Whether its airlines, trains, hotels, TravelPerk is the place to find what you need. 

  • Microsoft To Do

Even when you’re in the office or at home working, it can be difficult to keep on top of tasks, which is why to-do lists are a popular way of managing one’s work. When you’re travelling, it is essential to have a system for managing tasks so that you don’t forget anything – you’ll feel much busier than usual when you have to factor in travel responsibilities. Microsoft To Do is a perfect task management solution that works across the web, desktop and mobile.

  • Evernote

Sometimes you need to be able to jot down notes and ideas quickly, whether its on your phone, your desktop, or in your browser. You can try to organize everything meticulously, but sometimes you just need a space to store bits of information as and when you need – this is precisely what Evernote is great for. This popular note-taking app allows you to make notes that sync across all of your devices, so you’ll always have the information you need.

  • Dropbox

File management is critical for work. The last thing you want to happen is be halfway through your travels, only to remember you forgot a critical work document on your flash drive at home. Luckily, with Dropbox, this will never happen. This public cloud storage service will ensure you always have access to your important files – even whilst travelling.

  • RescueTime

Managing your productivity often means being aware that you are wasting time. Procrastination is something most people are guilty of sometimes. When you’re travelling, and you’re responsible for your own motivation, it can be good to have tools to see how productive you’re actually being. This is what RescueTime does for you. It tracks which apps you use, and for how long. At the end of the week, it will compile a report on which apps you spent the most time on. This is a great way of opening your eyes to your actual levels of productivity.

  • NordVPN

When travelling, you’re not always guaranteed a safe and secure internet connection. Say you want to get some work done at the airport, or at a train station. They might have public Wi-Fi, which is great; except that public Wi-Fi is the easiest network for snoopers and hackers to jump onto and steal your data. Avoid this risk entirely by using NordVPN. A virtual private network ensures you have secured, encrypted internet connectivity no matter where you are.

  • Avast One

Following on from the previous point, you definitely don’t want to be caught off guard by a virus or malware while on your travels. For one thing, there is nobody for you to turn to and get help with the problem. Instead, invest in Avast One – arguably one of the best security apps available. It is an all-in-one solution that protects your device by performing regular scans of your device, monitoring your web traffic, and overall looking out for malicious activity.

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