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90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Recap: Jasmine Pineda BLASTS Gino Palazzolo for Leaving a Tip!


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Things got awkward in more ways than one on Season 5, Episode 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

If you were too busy with the holiday season to catch the full episode, don’t worry.

We have a full recap for you.

Most eye-catching was Gino and Jasmine’s attempt at a first date … one that spun out of control at the very end.

In Turkey, after thirteen years of friendship, Caleb and Alina met for the first time.

We are finally introduced to Ella, an Idaho girl who is over the moon for her “Asian prince,” Johnny.

She already has fans divided, but we’re rooting for her happiness.

Kimberly arrives in Zanzibar and meets Usman in person for the first time … and she has some gifts for him.

Hamza introduces himself and his family in the final hours before Memphis arrives in Tunisia.

And while Mike packs for his trip to Colombia, Ximena introduces herself and her young sons.

Jasmine gets a text

Jasmine gets a text

Most people either ignore a notification or check. Jasmine gets up behind Gino in a somewhat intimate stance and shows him her phone so that he can see her message. This is when he realizes that this is the level of access that Jasmine wants him to reciprocate. Sure enough, when he pulls out his phone to give her access, he sees a friend request on Instagram from someone he doesn’t know. Jasmine deletes the request for him.

But mostly, the date goes well

But mostly, the date goes well

Gino will be paying the bill for the date, which is no big deal … until Jasmine decides to make it one.

Gino wants to leave a tip

Gino wants to leave a tip

While there is some nuance to the discussion of tipping (it’s not done at all in some countries, and its history in the United States actually stems from 19th Century racism), it’s still a good thing to do. Oddly, Gino suggests that a 15% tip is “good,” which is not true (20% or more unless the waiter personally and intentionally stabs you), but that’s not the issue on this particular date.

Jasmine tells him to not leave a tip

Jasmine tells him to not leave a tip

Specifically, she says that a lot of American tourists leave tips out of habit, so there’s now a space on bills for tips, but she says that people in Panama can’t afford to tip so Gino shouldn’t leave a tip.

She’s unfortunately not kidding

She's unfortunately not kidding

When Gino even slightly protests by talking about how good the service that they received was, Jasmine is openly fuming, accusing Gino of ruining things. She also later accuses him of having some sort of “thing” for either that specific waitress or waitresses in general.

The rage continues back in the hotel room

The rage continues back in the hotel room

She demands that Gino give her some space, which is reasonable on its own, but the inexplicable origins of her fury are neither reasonable nor fair.

She closes the door

She closes the door

Jasmine spends time in a side room while Gino admits to the camera that this is about the time when he’d have taken one of his famous boner pills … if the date had gone better. Right now, he’s not getting the feeling that he’ll be having sex tonight.

Suddenly, things change

Suddenly, things change

Gino is working on unpacking (or something) in the closet when Jasmine emerges in see-through blue lingerie that leaves almost nothing to the imagination. Gino is not initially aware of what she is wearing.

He quickly becomes aware

He quickly becomes aware

Gino is, very reasonably, stunned into near-silence by Jasmine’s incredible body and her lingerie. She is clearly in a friendly mood than she was just minutes earlier.

Apparently she decided that she wanted to make peace

Apparently she decided that she wanted to make peace

It doesn’t sound like Jasmine regretted being angry with Gino or insisting that he not leave a tip, but instead like she just decided that she didn’t want their relationship to fall apart over this … and that it would be a great time to have sex.

She’s super mega horny, folks

She's super mega horny, folks

Jasmine describes herself as having a “beast” within her and hopes that Gino can appreciate that side of her … and keep up.

Viewers were then subjected to … this

Viewers were then subjected to ... this

We’re sure that making out on camera in a fully lit room while dressed, with production standing around your bed, is awkward. But it doesn’t have to be THIS awkward. Also, yes, Jasmine asked, but Gino again declined to remove his hat. We’re starting to get girl-with-the-green-ribbon vibes.

Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha

Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha

Alina waits anxiously at the airport. She and Caleb have been friends for 13 years but this meeting in Turkey will be their first time seeing each other face to face. This time, they’re more than friends, so they’re both anxious to see if their chemistry is as good in person as it was online.

Alina doesn’t realize that Caleb was delayed cleaning himself up to meet her

Alina doesn't realize that Caleb was delayed cleaning himself up to meet her

But they lock eyes and are so excited to meet.

They hug!

They hug!

Remember, Alina and her friend Elijah (who is swiftly becoming a fan-favorite, btw) were talking-slash-joking about Caleb and his muscular arms and broad shoulders hugging her when they met. Those jokes came true.

It’s amazing to finally meet

It's amazing to finally meet

It’s clear that producer questions are intended to make them both say awkward things (it’s their job, we get it), but Caleb doesn’t seem to slip up, merely admitting that seeing Alina in person is different — which he already knew.

Speaking of different …

Speaking of different ...

Alina shows Caleb how to fold her chair, and that’s after he helps by pushing her and his luggage. Alina is terrified that this is a bad first impression on Caleb, but honestly, he’s clearly exhausted, and the luggage is harder to handle than she and her chair are.

Caleb and Alina get along easily

Caleb and Alina get along easily

They crack jokes, at one point Caleb suggesting that they could drive in tandem — him managing the wheel, Alina pushing the pedals. It’s cute, but it’s not necessarily the can’t-stop-touching-you passion that Alina would have liked to feel.

The hotel has stairs and no elevator

The hotel has stairs and no elevator

Caleb carries Alina up the stairs — and very easily — which she clearly appreciates.

Things get a bit hornier

Things get a bit hornier

Caleb shares that he cuddles platonically with friends, demonstrating with Alina — and while the move is not sexual, Alina’s thoughts clearly are. She jokingly asks if Caleb also makes out with his friends, which is an obvious indication to make out with her regardless of the answer. Either Caleb isn’t ready to make out on camera or he’s so tired that he didn’t catch the invitation, because he goes to clean up before bed.

It’s not how Alina pictured their first night

It's not how Alina pictured their first night

Alina doesn’t know it, but he’s not just tired from his flight — he feels gross and wants to clean himself off before passing out to catch up on sleep.

Ella Johnson and Johnny

Ella Johnson and Johnny

Ella is a 29-year-old from Idaho, and Episode 3 is our first time “meeting” her. We won’t get a direct intro to Johnny until next week, but Ella already has a lot to say about herself and about him.

Pro tip: what the producers suggest is not always the best thing to do

Pro tip: what the producers suggest is not always the best thing to do

Look, Ella probably mentioned that she had katanas and a practice dummy, and production was likely chomping at the bit to encourage her to demonstrate her sword skills for them in full costume. Why? Because they know how viewers will react.

Ella has a powerful interest in Asian cultures and entertainment

Ella has a powerful interest in Asian cultures and entertainment

Even before that, Ella was drawn to fantasy stories as a child. While no one needs an excuse to be interested in, well, interesting books and TV and other media, in Ella’s case, she feels that it was a form of escapism.

Growing up was not easy

Growing up was not easy

Ella struggled with her weight — or, more accurately, with cruel jabs and mistreatment based upon her weight from peers — from an extremely young age, and felt excluded and shamed.

She describes her perfect man

She describes her perfect man

For trademark reasons, she probably can’t say who or what the show is, but she says that the man of her dreams would be based upon a “blueprint” from Anime — a man with red hair, green eyes, and a fox demon inside of him. Many people might initially think of Naruto, but in my humble opinion, she’s probably talking about Kurama from YuYu Hakusho.

But while her Anime dream husband isn’t real, Johnny is

But while her Anime dream husband isn't real, Johnny is

She met Johnny through a dating app designed to connect white women with Asian men, and yes, that is so specific and sounds a lot like fetishization, a major concern for many viewers over Ella and Johnny’s storyline.

Ella says that this goes both ways

Ella says that this goes both ways

According to her, Johnny has an obsession with American culture, too. To Asian-Americans, that is not the same thing at all, but it probably seems like the same thing to Johnny because he lives in China.

We see them chat

We see them chat

Now, some viewers are already noting that Ella seems to touch up her photos before sending them his way, but it appears that he has a pretty good idea of what she looks like — because they have video chatted.

Ella hopes to one day marry Johnny

Ella hopes to one day marry Johnny

She grew up on a cattle ranch and hopes that they can take over running it together when they are married.

Her mom has concerns

Her mom has concerns

Ella’s mother, Debbie, knows that her daughter has self esteem and body image issues, and worries that men use this to take advantage of her — including financially. She doesn’t know if that’s what’s up with Johnny, but she is worried and doesn’t want to see her daughter’s heart broken again.

Ella meets with friends

Ella meets with friends

Korbie has been her best friend since high school and is there to support her journey as Ella prepares for Johnny to come visit her in Idaho.

By the way … Johnny has a son

By the way ... Johnny has a son

Johnny’s son lives full-time with Johnny’s parents so that Johnny can travel for work, while the mother has been out of the picture for a long time. Ella says that she and Johnny’s young son have a good relationship (in that his son babbles words that she does not understand to her, but does so very excitedly when she’s on the phone) but she does see it as a potential red flag that Johnny is willing to leave his son for so much time.


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