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90 Day Fiance Cast: Which Couples Are on Season 9?


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90 Day Fiance returns with Season 9 on April 17.

The flagship show of this ever-expanding franchise released a teaser trailer and cast list to give viewers a taste of what is to come.

We’re getting six new couples.

As expected, one familiar couple is making the leap from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way after realizing that their future together will be in the United States.

If they have a future together, that is.

These K-1 visas mean that each of these couples, all with their unique baggage and struggles and conflicts, only have ninety days to make or break their relationships.

Who will make it to the altar?

Based upon what we know about the cast, we can already start making some guesses.

But not everything is about the wedding. It’s about the journey.

It was a whirlwind romance

It was a whirlwind romance

The two traveled together, with Jibri proposing to Miona on one of their trips. She said yes, and the two became engaged.

But not everything is going as expected

But not everything is going as expected

Miona is coming to the United States looking forward to living a glamorous life in a major city like Los Angeles. Right now, Jibri is living at his family home, and South Dakota is nothing like what Miona had imagined life in America would be.

Kara and Guillermo

Kara and Guillermo

Kara is 29 and from Charlottesville, Virginia. Guillermo is 23 and a Venezuelan living in the Dominican Republic. Kara met him on a work trip, and these two hotties hit things off.

Kara ended up moving in with Guillermo

Kara ended up moving in with Guillermo

For her job, she ended up living in the DR, and they weren’t living together long before they became engaged. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Kara to move back home to Charlottesville. Now, things are back on track.

But …

But ...

Kara has a history as a party girl and, as the trailer suggests, of having cheated in the past. There are some trust issues and some lifestyle questions to handle before these two can seal the deal, and they only have 90 days to sort it out.

Patrick and Thais

Patrick and Thais

31-year-old Patrick is from Austin, Texas. 25-year-old Thais is from Brazil, which is where she and Patrick met. He was interested in learning Portuguese during a trip to the country … but went looking for one on a dating app. One swipe to the right, and they connected.

But …

But ...

Patrick’s brother is his roommate, which is bound to cause problems. It sounds like they will have to work out their new lifestyle as they are two different people from different places. Also, Patrick has some emotional baggage from his divorce and will have to work through that before these two can have a happily ever after.

Ariela and Biniyam

Ariela and Biniyam

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre need no introduction, since they appeared on Season 2 and Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Ari is 30 and from New Jersey, Bini is 31 and from Ethiopia, which is where the two of them have spent the bulk of their time together.

Now, that has changed

Now, that has changed

Ariela was living in Ethiopia for months (she loves to travel, and previously lived in Argentina) when she met Bini, and it was thirst at first sight. She ended up pregnant, and on Season 2, we saw her fly back to give birth in Ethiopia. Bini previously impregnated and married an American woman, and clearly has emotional baggage from losing that family. Ari has gone above and beyond to try to assure him that this will not happen again.

But …

But ...

Ari and Bini have had way too much drama to count. Some of it has been cultural differences, religious differences, jealousy and insecurity, possible cheating, nonstop whining, casual dismissal of the other, and conflict with Bini’s sisters. While Bini has gone out of his way to be the worse partner, many viewers can no longer bring themselves to like Ari after some of her decisions.

They’re not going back to Ethiopia

They're not going back to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is filled with temptations for Biniyam — with him at times leaving for hours or days without any way for Ari to reach him, or turning their home into a party hotspot while Ariela was away with baby Avi for him to get surgery. First, they spent time in Kenya. Now, they’re coming to the United States, which they made clear at the end of Season 3. But while things in the US will certainly be different, it looks like Ariela’s conflict with Mimi and Wish has only gotten worse.

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Emily and Kobe

Emily and Kobe

Emily is a 29-year-old from Salina, Kansas. Kobe is a 34-year-old from Cameroon. However, the two met one night in Xi’an, China. What might have ended as a fun one-night stand turned into a regular thing … and it only took them two weeks to go from strangers to engaged. Soon, they were expecting a child together.

Things were all set …

Things were all set ...

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic put everything on hold. Kobe’s visa was delayed, and Emily gave birth to and started raising their child in Kansas, without him. This will be a long-awaited reunion.

That doesn’t mean that everything will be easy

That doesn't mean that everything will be easy

Among other things, it looks like some family pressure and a possible second pregnancy will be factors as these two prepare to spend the rest of their lives together.

Bilal and Shaeeda

Bilal and Shaeeda

Bilal Haziezz is 42 and from Kansas City, Missouri. Shaeeda is 37 and from Trinidad and Tobago. Bilal is a successful guy. Shaeeda is a social media influencer known for practicing yoga.

They connected online

They connected online

Months later, they met for the first time, where sparks continued to fly. It was only one week between when they met in person and when Bilal proposed.

But …

But ...

As the trailer teased, there is a prenup request. Shaeeda is also eager to start a family, while Bilal — who already has children from a previous marriage — isn’t sure if he wants to have more children. There are core compatibility issues at play.

Yvette and Mohamed

Yvette and Mohamed

48-year-old Yvette is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. 25-year-old Mohamed is from Egypt. Yes, this is this season’s age gap couple, and honestly, we’ve seen much more dramatic gaps on this show.

They’re both hot and they know it

They're both hot and they know it

The two first bonded while DMing over their shared love of fitness — with Yvette gushing over how hot Mohamed was during the trailer. Later, they met in person in Egypt, and became engaged.

But …

But ...

Yvette has a 12-year-old with special needs at home. As a MILF and a cougar, she knows that Mohamed is at a different place in his life.

There are also cultural differences at play

There are also cultural differences at play

Mohamed seems to have developed an insecurity about Yvette’s swimwear, which leads them to conflict in the trailer. Sometimes, it takes more than mutual hotness to make a relationship work.


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