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90 Day Fiance Season 9 Trailer Reveals Six New Couples, Biniyam Shibre in New York!


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From the end of Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, it was pretty clear that Ariela and Biniyam weren’t returning to Ethiopia.

Sure enough, just as numerous spoilers predicted, they are returning to the franchise on the flagship 90 Day Fiance series.

TLC dropped the first Season 9 teaser trailer on Thursday afternoon, showing them and six brand new couples.

The season won’t premiere until next month, but we already have so much to unpack from this first trailer.

Jibri calls out with excitement (90 Day Fiance S09)

At the very beginning of this teaser, we see Jibri Bell yell with happiness in a parking lot.

Beside him, Miona seems visibly awkward.

Jibri’s Serbian love has come a long way to be with him in America, and she’s had plenty of time to know that he’s just … like this.

Guillermo and Kara en route to America (90 Day Fiance S09)

They aren’t the only couple who don’t have to worry about meeting for the first time when one steps off of a plane in the U.S.

Kara is from Virginia and Guillermo is from Venezuela.

While there’s much more to learn about them, it looks like they’re taking their flight together — it’s against formula, and it’s very sweet.

Guillermo has an octopus inside of him (90 Day Fiance S09)

These two are already shaping up to be one of the show’s most attractive couples, which is actually a pretty tall order.

Guillermo admits that he is anxious — it’s not butterflies, it’s an octopus that is ravaging his innards, he says.

Don’t be nervous, Guillermo. Marrying an American wife isn’t scary — being a reality star is.

Thais chats with Patrick (90 Day Fiance S09)

It’s not clear if Thais and Patrick have met each other yet.

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(It sounds like they have not, because Patrick is seen hoping that his Brazilian beauty is the real deal)

They have, at least, video chatted, which is more than (ahem) some couples on this franchise have done before meeting.

Biniyam Shibre is here in New York (90 Day Fiance S09)

One couple who needs no introduction is Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre.

We have reported on numerous sightings of Ari and Bini in New York, so none of this is a shock.

We knew that they weren’t returning to Ethiopia (which has been ravaged by civil war), and they of course have little Avi with them.

Biniyam Shibre is in a new world (90 Day Fiance S09)

Every time that people wonder why Ariela stays with Bini, since he’s such a lousy partner, he reminds viewers.

He has clearly been getting ready for this appearance and is in great shape.

We also understand that he did some MMA fighting while in the United States, but have no idea if that will be featured on the show.

Kobe shades Emily (90 Day Fiance S09)

Kobe is from Camaroon, but the two of them actually met in China … and have a kid together, whom Kobe has not been able to meet.

Various factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, have kept them apart … and we hope that Kobe’s line about Emily gaining weight is not part of a pattern.

The trailer also strongly suggests that Emily’s family will play a major role in their season.

Bilal and Shaeeda (90 Day Fiance S09)

Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween don’t tell us the most about themselves in the trailer.

Bilal is clearly a successful guy, so those closest to him express their concerns about Shaeeda’s intentions.

While we only see a little of Shaeeda’s point of view in teh trailer, the beauty from Trinidad and Tobago is actually already an influencer known for her yoga practice.

Yvette and Mohamed (90 Day Fiance S09)

Of course, no season would be complete without an age gap, and that’s where Yvette and Mohamed come in.

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Yvetta isn’t twice Mohamed’s age, but they are a couple of decades apart.

She openly thirsts over his ripped body in the trailer, likely while describing how they met.

Yvette the deflowerer (90 Day Fiance S09)

Also … she may have deflowered him?

Maybe she is just saying that for the benefit of his family back in Egypt, in case they watch this, though that might not be much better.

Dressed like Real Housewives, she chats very frankly about it with her friends — who are clearly happy for her.

Kobe and Emily pregnancy test (90 Day Fiance S09)

Emily’s family seems to have only one request: please don’t get pregnant (again).

So naturally, the trailer shows Emily and Kobe taking a pregnancy test.

Editing can be misleading, especially in teaser trailers, but it’s at least implied by the trailer that, whoops, they did it again.

Mohamed or the Bikini, Yvette (90 Day Fiance S09)

It looks like an age gap isn’t Yvette and Mohamed’s real problem so much as their cultural differences are.

Mohamed seems to object to Yvette wearing a bathing suit, seeming to demand that she choose him over wearing a bikini.

She might love him more than a piece of swimwear … but if he’s trying to make her choices for her, they might not be right for each other.

Thais judges Patrick's brother (90 Day Fiance S09)

Thais, who is clearly very real, comes to stay with Patrick, but Patrick has a roommate — his brother.

In the trailer, it’s clear that this is not an ideal situation for the couple.

Among what we’re sure is other things, Patrick’s brother is drinking beer early in the morning. That’s … possibly not great, and Patrick knows it.

Miona gives Jibri an ultimatum (90 Day Fiance S09)

Miona and Jibri (who, by the way, share a last name on social media) have conflict, too.

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Apparently, it has to do with Jibri’s family and Miona.

She wants him to choose her. She’s his partner; she comes first. Jibri doesn’t like being put on the spot like that.

Shaeeda resents Bilal's prenup (90 Day Fiance S09)

Bilal, due to his success and apparent concerns about Shaeeda’s intentions, wants her to sign a prenup.

Prenups are extremely normal in the United States — not universal, but seldom seen as especially dramatic and often a good idea for both parties.

But it gives Shaeeda second thoughts, and we see her being encouraged by a loved one to return home.

Ariela Weinberg gets splashed (90 Day Fiance S09)

Despite Biniyam’s best efforts, he is not always the primary antagonist of his marriage to Ariela — his sisters often are.

Mimi and Wish are seen in a confrontation with Ari, and not for the first time.

This time, the result is Ariela’s face being dashed with wine. Classic reality TV moment, but this time looks particularly gruesome.

90 Day Fiance Season 9 promo with Miona and Jibri

Season 9 will premiere on TLC and Discovery Plus on April 17.

Until then, we have 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 5 to tide us over, including the Tell All special.

We’re sure that we’ll learn a lot more about these new stars and their stories in the coming weeks.


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