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90 Day Fiance Spoiler: Are Memphis and Hamza MARRIED?


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Last month, it was rumored that Memphis and Hamza had split.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days viewers were not exactly surprised, after all that they had seen.

Eventually, cultural differences and especially a hefty language barrier become too important, no matter how good the “sexy time” is.

But a recent spoiler indicates that Memphis and Hamza had more success than fans expected.

Moknii Hamza proposes to Memphis Sandoval

Memphis is a 35-year-old Michigan native who flew halfway around the world to meet and marry Hamza.

Due to her complicated personal history, fans have been unsure of what last name is hers — Smith? Sandoval?

Fortunately, she cleared the air in some official paperwork filed in Ottawa County, Michigan.

Hamza walks around the table to hug Memphis Sandoval

In October 2021 Memphis registered to vote in her home district.

(There are many reasons to re-register to vote, from changing addresses to combating voter registration).

However, In Touch Weekly reveals that Memphis registered under a new name: Memphis Chardell-Arden Mokni.

Moknii Hamza slides his engagement ring onto Memphis Sandoval's hand

Mokni, of course, indicates that she at least shares a surname with 27-year-old Hamza.

It is possible that she filed to change her name in advance, and perhaps has not gotten her marriage to him legally recognized in the United States.

That said, many suspect that it is more likely that she married Hamza in Tunisia, brought him over on a spousal visa, and then changed her name.

Hamza and Memphis Sandoval walk on the stone

Interestingly, there have been rumors suggesting that Memphis and Hamza were filming again.

While we have not seen conclusive evidence of this, it would not be surprising to see them appear on another season.

Even if they marry in Tunisia on Season 5, that would not be the end of their story.

Memphis Smith warns Hamza that if they don't marry this trip, it's over

In Tunisia, in addition to some lies, some major differences, and a massive language barrier, they also had to deal with things like Hamza’s anxious mother.

(We’re not knocking Hayet for being worried — what mom doesn’t worry about her son leaving the country to get married?)

But leaving Tunisia behind doesn’t mean that all of the couple’s struggles are over.

Memphis explains to Hamza the importance of respecting his mom, knowing one another

The language barrier is still there.

Memphis has developed the nickname of “Cookie Monster,” after one of Sesame Street‘s most relatable muppets, for her simplified language.

It’s not that she does not speak clear English at all, it’s that she speaks many simple declarative sentences for Hamza’s benefit.

Moknii Hamza - big boobies, Memphis

Obviously, having to use a translator — whether a helpful human one or an awkward automated one — is tricky.

But that inconvenience pales beside the obvious questions that people have about their long-term compatibility.

What, aside from mutual attraction, do Memphis and Hamza have in common?

Hamza - (Memphis) is just too sexy (explains premature ejaculation)

Then of course is the matter of Hamza’s insecurity about Memphis’ ex, a worry rooted in cultural differences.

In the United States, it is considered extremely normal to be friends with an ex, particularly if the two are co-parents.

This was not Hamza’s family’s experience, and led to confusion over where things stand between Memphis and her ex.

Hamza hugs Memphis Smith at the airport

Honestly? Memphis and Hamza seem to genuinely like each other and neither is trying to ruin the other’s life or take advantage of them.

That sounds like a low bar, because it is, but it’s more than we can say for some of the other couples on this show.

It would be very interesting to see how their dynamic shifts in Michigan … if the reports that they’re filming are true.

Memphis Smith IG praying I can smile like this again

As for the breakup rumors about Memphis and Hamza, we honestly don’t know.

The breakup rumors were floating around early this year, months after Memphis registered her name change.

A few months isn’t very long to be married, but it’s more than enough time for a couple to split if they can’t work things out.

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