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90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: What is Sumit Singh’s New Excuse to Not Marry Jenny Slatten?


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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 11 showed complicated reunions, tests of faith, and one couple’s destiny laid out.

Jenny is so worried about the visit from the astrologer, but she has a pleasant surprise awaiting her.

Sumit’s reaction isn’t exactly what she’d hoped for, though.

Ariela flies to Kenya to meet up with Biniyam and patch things up … but it’s not even clear if he’s going to be there.

Corey has been going above and beyond to win Evelin back, and now he’s ready to pop the question … again.

Kenneth’s daughter and grandson visit while Armando gets some very good news.

Steven and Alina have a deadline looming, and Steven’s dragging his feet … because he seemingly doesn’t trust Alina.

Okay, wow. There’s a lot to unpack there.

But even the happiest couples have more issues to iron out.

That’s right, the astrologer

That's right, the astrologer

Like Sumit, his parents seem totally beholden to what they believe is written in the stars, with Anil claiming to have experienced misfortune when not heeding this advice.

Jenny does her best

Jenny does her best

She lays out a miniature banquet on a large tray when the astrologer arrives for a visit.

Sahna lays out her list of grievances

Sahna lays out her list of grievances

In her mind, there are many things that are specifically duties for a woman and for a wife, and she feels that Jenny has no idea how to fulfill this role.

And what about it?

And what about it?

The astrologer quickly tells Sahna that she doesn’t need to teach Jenny anything.

She should attend to her own husband

She should attend to her own husband

Sumit and Jenny are together, and will form their own relationship balance — they don’t have to be a copy of Sahna and Anil’s marriage.

The interference must stop

The interference must stop

He also warns that continued meddling could make Sumit more resentful and tear the family apart.

Jenny will learn in her own way

Jenny will learn in her own way

To Jenny, the astrologer acknowledges that Sahna and Anil are living by old traditions but will hopefully come around.

Sahna fires back

Sahna fires back

But Jenny wants to marry Sumit, and given how Sahna feels and those in her immediate circle have felt, she expects the astrologer to nod along with her outrage.

How is that her business?

How is that her business?

More politely than we might, the astrologer reminds Sahna that she is already in a marriage and gets to make her own choices in that relationship. Sumit and Jenny can do the same in their relationship.

That clearly hits home

That clearly hits home

Being told that she is in the wrong, and considering how much anger and energy she has devoted towards spoiling her son’s happiness for no good reason, clearly take its toll on Sahna, who slowly tears up and begins to cry.

Sahna surrenders

Sahna surrenders

She tells the camera that she feels that she cannot do anything if Sumit and Jenny are fated to be together.

Actual compliments?

Actual compliments?

Instead of smiling while insulting Jenny to her face, Sahna is paying her genuine compliments now.

“I can change for my son”

"I can change for my son"

While it’s unclear what kept Sahna from realizing that her son’s happiness should be a priority before now, she says that she is coming around.

There is one caveat

There is one caveat

While Sahna will no longer try to prevent Jenny and Sumit from marrying, she can’t give her blessing, either. Jenny says that she understands and appreciates the goodwill regardless.

Sumit is overjoyed

Sumit is overjoyed

This is what he wanted all along — to remain with Jenny but to also have the love and support of his parents.

Later …

Later ...

Sumit and Jenny celebrate Holi together. This is their third time being able to do so.

Sumit wants to set a date … sort of

Sumit wants to set a date ... sort of

He wants to plan when to sit down with the astrologer and find out the best date for their wedding. This is one of those “you live by the sword, you die by the sword” moments for Jenny, but in this case, it’s “you get approval from the star magic man, you set your wedding date by the star magic man.” A little lower stakes.

Sumit isn’t rushing

Sumit isn't rushing

Even though they do not have forever to get married (Jenny’s visa could run out any time) and they have been in a relationship for so many years, Sumit doesn’t want to “rush.”

Sumit didn’t think this far ahead

Sumit didn't think this far ahead

Apparently, because he never imagined his parents approving, Sumit didn’t really think about this part. Is Sumit just looking for new excuses to delay marrying Jenny? It’s starting to look that way more and more.

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela and her mother, Janice, are packing for her trip to Kenya. There, free of toxic influences from Biniyam’s circle of friends (and side pieces), she hopes that they can patch things up … or work things out in a way that’s best for baby Avi. Of course, right now, Biniyam isn’t even picking up the phone. Not a great sign.

It’s a hard goodbye

It's a hard goodbye

Ariela’s family loves her, misses her, and hopes that she and her family will return to live nearby. Seeing her for a couple of months for Avi’s surgery is not enough time.

In Kenya …

In Kenya ...

Ariela arrives and is unsure if she’s ready to see Biniyam. After his behavior in recent months, she is crying in the van before even seeing him because she is heartbroken.

Biniyam also arrives

Biniyam also arrives

Hours away from the rental (Ariela got a 3-month rental because that was the shortest lease that she could find), Biniyam is fuming over Ariela making decisions without him and her accusations that he cheated. But, to his credit, he did come to Kenya to work on the relationship — possibly the most effort and willingness to compromise that he’s shown since before Ariela gave birth.

It’s time!

It's time!

Ariela and Janice and baby Avi hear Biniyam arrive, and Ariela has to emotionally brace herself.

It’s an emotional reunion

It's an emotional reunion

Biniyam has a lot of fears and emotions related to losing his family, since he has experienced that before.

But it’s also very sweet

But it's also very sweet

Biniyam is so happy to see Avi (and Avi is happy to see him) and they play adorably. It’s truly wholesome to watch.

Well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of his own actions …

Well, well, if it isn't the consequences of his own actions ...

Biniyam is surprised that Ariela is not more warm with him. It seems that, on some level, he hoped that Ariela’s anger was all talk and would melt away when she saw him again. To be fair, Ariela has let a lot of things go in the past, and he may have simply thought that this would happen again.

Ariela and Biniyam have a lot to talk about

Ariela and Biniyam have a lot to talk about

Ariela explains to the camera that, because Biniyam often claims that their partial language barrier prevents her from understanding him, she has hired a local translator to make their communication crystal clear. They meet up with her and sit outside to chat.

Biniyam objects

Biniyam objects

Despite being the one who has brought up translation issues in the past, he says that Ariela has only hired this woman for drama. While many things on 90 Day Fiance only happen for the drama, in this case, a translator might actually reduce drama by being a third person in the conversation. Many people modify their words under those circumstances.

Ariela calls out Biniyam on his partying and cheating

Ariela calls out Biniyam on his partying and cheating

Even if everyone who contacted Ariela about him spending time with some “special” ladies was lying (which would include one of Biniyam’s own sisters, Wish), the other behaviors are not in question or okay.

This conversation goes nowhere

This conversation goes nowhere

“No, you’re wrong,” Biniyam fires back, which … does not help anything.

Ariela is heartbroken

Ariela is heartbroken

If he can’t even admit what he has done and recognize his wrongdoings, then how can they move forward? She tears up as she tells him that she feels sorry for him. She clearly fears that they will never get back together because he will never make an effort to be a good partner.

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

Corey is planning something big for Evelin — though they are already married, he wants to ask her to marry him “again” now that they have patched things up.


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