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With VPS Hosting India increase your eCommerce Sales


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With the rapid expansion of the Internet in India, there have been more Online Shoppers over the years. The eCommerce industry is at a boom nowadays and will see significant growth in the coming years. However, to achieve your desired goals you need to pick the correct business resources. Choosing the right web hosting is one of them. 

An eCommerce business requires premium security, high uptime, super-fast speed, and easy traffic management with its web hosting. VPS Hosting India provides all these features at an affordable price helping eCommerce businesses achieve higher sales.

In this article, you will learn about the Best VPS Hosting India from Serverwala. It provides premium-grade server configurations with advanced security and root access for smooth business management. Additionally, discover some of the benefits and frequently asked questions related to VPS India. 

Benefits of VPS Hosting India for eCommerce Businesses

With India VPS Hosting your eCommerce Business can derive several benefits. The excellent features of VPS Hosting will help you in building a strong, reliable, and super-fast website. Learn the various advantages given below- 

Improvement in Website’s SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps in attaining higher rankings in the Search Results. Google, has become the top source of organic traffic, so if you attain top rankings you may attract a lot of visitors. 

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One of the most crucial factors to achieve better rankings is the loading speed of the website. The speed of the website highly relies upon your web server. If you choose Shared Hosting for your eCommerce Business you will get limited and shared resources. So, whenever any of the network websites encounters a rise in traffic it slows down the loading time of your website too. 

However, VPS Hosting India provides you with an independent server and private resources for maintaining optimum website speed. The traffic experienced by the neighbouring websites cannot influence your performance. 

Better Website Reliability

The visitors of an eCommerce platform consider the reliability of the website or application as the most important factor. People don’t like spammy websites and avoid purchasing from such websites. So, if your website is poorly secured, or encounters downtime very frequently, or takes high time to load, the visitors will leave and switch to competitors. 

However, with VPS Hosting India you won’t face these issues since you will have an independent server with a dedicated IP address, an individual set of resources, and numerous other benefits leading to the improved user experience of your eCommerce business. 

Advanced Security

For eCommerce businesses, high data security is very essential. Customers share their confidential data with the website such as Name, Address, Contact Number. Also during checkout, they share the card and online payment details. The eCommerce company needs to safely store them on the server and protect this sensitive data from any kind of security risk.

However, if you choose Shared Hosting the risk of a security breach is high since multiple websites use a common server and IP Address. Moreover, if a security breach occurs on any neighbouring website, your sensitive data may also be at risk in Shared Hosting. 

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Hence, VPS India is the best pick for eCommerce businesses. It provides advanced security to protect the server from DDoS Attacks, Hacking, Spamming, etc. 

Easy Scalability and Customizable Configurations

As the business gets popular and starts attracting massive monthly traffic its need for resources also increases. So, eCommerce stores must choose a web hosting that provides easy up-gradation, scalability and customization. 

With Shared Hosting you cannot scale your server resources as the business grows. Further, you cannot customize the server configurations as per your business requirements. But with VPS Hosting you can effortlessly upgrade your plan or expand your existing resources. Moreover, you can also customize your server resources to meet your business needs. 

Root Level Control

When you have Root Level Access to your server you can easily manage or modify the files according to your needs. Further with Root Control you can enhance your server security and install additional Software and Tools for better business management. 

VPS Hosting India provides you with administrative control of your server and allows you to manage your server on your own. 

Choose the Best VPS Hosting India for eCommerce Stores from Serverwala

Serverwala is one of the leading web hosting services providers with best-in-class services, high uptime, premium support, and economical prices. They provide multiple hosting plans in India and also across 21 countries across the globe. Serverwala has 56+ data centres across the globe and has handled more than 1 million client requests until now.  

Serverwala’s Linux and Windows VPS Hosting India plans are one of the best-sellers and provide businesses with top-class server features and excellent growth potential. 

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If you are considering buying VPS then you must take a look at the key attributes of Serverwala’s VPS Hosting India given below – 

  • SSD Disk Drives
  • Root Control
  • Latest Gen Intel Core Processors
  • Large Bandwidth
  • DDoS Protection
  • Windows and Linux Operating System Choice
  • Dedicated IP
  • Simple Licensing
  • 24/ Customer Support
  • Instant Server Deployment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VPS good for eCommerce?

The performance of an eCommerce website highly relies upon the web hosting you have chosen. It influences the User Experience and SEO Rankings which are the critical factors to achieve higher sales. VPS Hosting enhances the website speed, performance and improves its security, uptime and resource availability leading to faster growth. 

What benefits does a VPS have over normal shared hosting?

VPS provides dozens of benefits over Shared Hosting. They are as follows –

  • With VPS Hosting you get independent resources, but with Shared Hosting you have to split the resources with others.
  • VPS ensures high security with Dedicated IP. However, with Shared Hosting, you don’t get a Unique IP Address.
  • Unlike Shared Hosting, in VPS the traffic of neighbouring websites is not your concern.
  • With VPS you can easily scale or customize your resources which is not possible with Shared Hosting. 

Which is the best hosting provider in India for eCommerce?

As we discussed above, Serverwala provides the Best VPS Hosting India for eCommerce Stores. They provide top class server configurations, unbeatable security, 24/7 Support, and completely honest and transparent services. They have multiple VPS India plans with both Windows and Linux. Their Starter Linux VPS India plan starts from just $10. 

Summing Up

In this article, you have learned how VPS Hosting India can help in expanding your eCommerce Sales. It offers numerous advantages at such a reasonable price, which makes it a good alternative to a Dedicated Server. 

We have answered some of the common FAQs in the article above. Further, if you have any more questions you can freely mention them in the comment section below.

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