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Dealing with a pest infestation in student housing


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Some students enjoy hostel life and such students inspire others to love student housing as well. However, the truth is, living in student housing has its problems to deal with pest.

Pests are one of the major problems if you talk about student housing. It sounds like something trivial but it is not. Many people have severe allergies to different insects. You cannot put a snack out for two minutes before pests start appearing one by one. Soon, this individual invasion turns into a violent hungry mob of insects. This is where you realize you need the help of the best pest control Surrey BC service providers.

It is essential to look out for any pest infestation. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, if you ignore it, you will be the one suffering. However, following simple steps and paying attention to your surroundings can prevent infestation.

Whether you are living in student housing or elsewhere, never ignore the bugs problem. It can become a headache for you within a few days.

Following are the steps to prevent infestation in student housing:

1.    Check for holes and cracks:

Check windows and walls when you step into the student housing, for any kind of tears or holes. Fix them and make sure pests cannot enter the house from the outside.

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Check windows and walls regularly for holes and cracks.

2.    Food Management:

If you are living in the dorm, make sure there are no food bits around. Food is one of the most favorite items of pests as they need to feed themselves.

Unmopped spills, unswept crumbs, and unsecured dry goods will, of course, attract many bugs.

Therefore, keep the food packed and in the fridge. If it is something to be put outside, do not put it without a lid or covering. Do not leave food leftovers.

3.     Trash management

It will be no surprise if you find several pests partying in the garbage bin. Yes, it is forever pests’ favorite place. Rotting trash will not just give a rotten odor but will also invite several types of insects indoors.

Always throw away garbage on time before the rotting odor appears. Do not leave leftovers as well.

4.    Dirty Dishes:

No matter how tired or sleepy you might be, always wash and dry the dishes before you go to bed. Leaving dirty dishes is the reason behind roaches and other insects’ infestation.

They find plenty of food to feed themselves, hence growing in number day by day.

5.    Moisture:

Be it moisture or standing water, it is always a bad idea to ignore it or leave it be. Moisture means more and more pests. It provides the perfect environment and climate for the growth of larvae.

Always keep all the surfaces clean and dry. Check for possible water leaks regularly.

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6.    No pests to sneak in:

The wisest option for you is not to let the bugs sneak into your home in the first place. For this, you will have to block every hole you believe can be their way in your room.

Dusting and vacuuming will eliminate the chances of pest growth further.                           

7.    Home remedies:

Everyone opts for home remedies at first. However, if you see no change or increase in pests leave the home remedies immediately and ask for professional help.

There are many pest control langley bc services available. They are better equipped than you are.

There are 5.5 million pests’ species. It is impossible not to face them ever in your life. Therefore, you should have basic knowledge about pests’ prevention regardless of your age or profession.

There are many kinds of sprays to help with pests’ prevention. In addition, you can try different home remedies.

However, the best way to prevent pests from appearing in the house or your dorm is to keep the place tidy. Usually, youngsters are lazy when it comes to cleaning their residence, especially boys. Nevertheless, it is the only way you can keep harmful and usual insects at bay. And in case the inevitable has happened i.e. pests have infected, do not waste a lot of time and hire experts at the earliest. Contact the best pest control services in your area as they will come equipped with latest tools to get rid of pests in a safe and effective manner. 

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