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Raksha Bandhan is the most awaited Indian festival that celebrates the beautiful bond between siblings. Rakhi is the sacred thread of love that strengthens the brother-sister bond. On this occasion, sisters apply tilak on the foreheads of their brothers and tie rakhis on their wrists praying for their well-being and happiness while the brother takes the solemn vow of protecting the sisters through the highs and lows of life. Siblings try to spend quality time with each other and try to make this day special in various ways.

Our online rakhi store has curated a range of premium rakhis that stand out because of their elegant designs and uncompromised quality. These rakhis are made up of crystals, real pearls, and American diamonds. The antique, quirky and traditional themes make these rakhis look spectacular. No matter how far you stay from your brothers, these premium rakhis will act as a strong impression of your love for your brother.
List of top 5 Premium Rakhis
1.Royal Antique Canopy Red Rakhi

An exquisite antique canopy is the main theme of this royal rakhi. The center of the canopy is a small red stone that sets well with the design language of the rakhi. The canopy is golden and is supported by varnished red beads. The tying thread of this rakhi is red cotton and blends in beautifully. There are other trinkets that come together to complete the design of the rakhi. The combination of red and gold is considered auspicious and can be found in almost all Indian traditions including Rakhi.

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2.Antique Diamond Blue Rakhi

An exquisite antique shield in gold is studded with a solitaire in the center. The shield has designs on its surface which have been carefully etched. Various stones and beads come together to complete the design. The tying thread is a series of royal blue strings interlaced with golden threads. The royal blue thread matches in perfect contrast to the antique gold effect of the shield. Send this marvelous rakhi to India for your brother to wish him good luck and prosperity.

3.Single Bead Pure Silver Rakhi

A glittering bead of pure silver is set in the middle of the rakhi. There are two miniature beads that hold the pure silver bead in its place. The tying thread of the rakhi is braided red cotton string which contrasts the pure silver bead. The design of the rakhi is as minimalistic as it can be. Send this fine rakhi for your brother in India. The design of the rakhi is such that it can be worn throughout the day.

4.Gorgeous Hazel Stone Rakhi

A distinctive chakra studded with a splendid stone and embossed with light hazel gems etched in the center look adorning and exquisite. The wooden beads in between the canopies attached to golden beads look magnificent. The bell-shaped endings to the red cotton thread provide a striking look. Send this amazing rakhi to India for your brother who cherishes decorative designs and traditional themes.

5.Floral Chakra Rakhi

A sublime Golden Chakra with sparkling green gemstones and a small but radiant pink gem in between the green stones looks distinguishing. The combination of matte pink and bright golden threads with a bell-shaped ornament on each side adds to the traditionality and magnificence of the rakhi. Send this beautiful rakhi to India for your brother. The rakhi signifies the wishes for a colorful and fragrant life.

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Sitting far away from your brothers, you can still make your presence felt by sending premium rakhis. If you want to fulfill the tradition of Raksha Bandhan and send rakhis to India, wanting your rakhi designs to leave a mark, you could ideally opt for premium rakhis.