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How to Go About Google Remarketing


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Remarketing is a great method of driving brand awareness and conversions. Google remarketing allows marketers to send ads to people who have used their mobile app or visited their home page. It is a perfect method of reaching those who came to your page but failed to buy what you were offering. For marketers, the question they keep asking is whether Google remarketing is worth. Google remarketing is worth because;

  • There is better brand exposure because the target already understands the product/service.
  • Higher probability of conversion rates.
  • Easier audience targeting.
  • Budget flexibility.

How to Implement Google Remarketing

How does Google remarketing work? Google Remarketing has a static image, text ad, and videos that are added to the Google Display Network. Unlike other campaigns, remarketing has a tracking code that is added to cookies on visitors’ computers. The target here is identifying those who have shown some interest but did not go to the extent of buying what you are selling.

Select The Audience Carefully

Just like other paid searches, it is important to establish the clients to target. You can categorize the clients who visit a specific product page, time of visit, and number of clicks.

  • Think of URLs links to target and list them for later reference. Store them in a special file named reference and reach then after some weeks or months.
  • If utilizing Google Analytics, use data in its files to understand the targeted audience more.
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Set Up Remarketing Codes

To do your remarketing, you need to place special codes in visitors’ computers. Unlike before 2012 when the codes were generated in AdWord, they are currently generated using Google Analytics. Indeed, it is the same code that Google Analytics utilizes to monitor traffic to your page though a little different.

Set Up Remarketing Lists in Google Analytics

On your Google Analytics account, visit admin and hit remarketing. You will then be prompted to name the list, select an Analytics Profile, and appropriate AdWord account to utilize. You will also need to set the membership duration.

To commence collecting the right data, your Google Analytics code will need a few changes as follows;

Check for thisga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://ssl’ : ‘http://www’) + ‘’;
Replace with thisga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://’ : ‘http://’) + ‘’;

Remember that you will be required to:

  • Have an active SEM campaign
  • Agree to Google Analytics Terms of operations.
  • Update the privacy policy including your restriction of use for the gathered info.

Select Membership Duration

This is the period that you would like the cookies to be stored in the targeted visitor’s computer. Make sure to think about the business and its goals when selecting the time frame. The longest time that the cookies can last is 180 days or 6 months. The best duration is usually 45 days with an extension to 60-90 days so that you do not annoy the visitors.

Frequency Capping

This is the frequency of time that you want the target visitor to get your ads. The focus here is ensuring that you make the best impression by selecting the appropriate time and manner of display. Therefore, if you are dealing with lunch boxes, you might want to show some minutes before people leave for lunch so that they can order from your restaurant.

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Optimizing Google Remarketing

  • Ad testing: This involves testing the ads as messages with the target visitor in mind because the user is conversant with the brand.
  • Custom combining testing: This entails combining various interests with different audiences to establish what works best. You can combine various cookies and messaging visitors who have visited the page between 1-5 weeks.
  • Bid testing: Because you are following users and not websites, this testing will help to pre-test both cost, effectiveness, and return on investment.
  • Landing page testing: Because the user you are re-attracting has been to your page, you might want to rethink the previous landing page and where possible work on a new one altogether.

If you are unfamiliar with the ads creation, engage a digital marketing agency with SEM expertise to assist you.

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