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 Is it Safe To Share and Reuse Packaged Bottled Water


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According to the various studies, it is proven that coronavirus causing COVID-19 is generally transmitted by direct contact with respiratory droplets. The virus is present in the mucous or small droplets of the nose and mouth, which spreads when an infected person coughs or exhales. Packaged Bottled Water

If anyone comes in contract with this imperceptible mucous on surfaces and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth, their risk of getting infected increases. While new research on the treatment to fight coronavirus is going on, precaution seems to be the best way to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

These preventions help you to protect yourself from coronavirus:

  • Drinking a lot of water in every 15 minutes helps you to stay hydrated. Also consuming a lot of water helps in building immunity.
  • Do not refill bottles that made up of glass, plastic or any other material. These stuffs are not safe for consumption if not sterilized for 20 minutes every day. While travelling it is advisable to consume pure Packaged Drinking water from a packaged bottle.
  • Always avoid public water coolers at different places like mall, airports, offices etc. as it can lead to transfer of virus with the contact you are making physically. Avoid refilling bottles from public water tanks.
  • Do not serve and consume water in jugs and glasses as they are used by a lot of people and you may not know if there will be any issue related to washing and virus.
  • Always maintain good respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with elbow or any tissue or hankey while coughing and sneezing.
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While travelling through public transport always carry sanitizer and do use it at very regular intervals. Once you reach your destination, do manage to wash your hands properly with soap and water.

Mineral drinking water:

With the raising pandemic in our nation, it has become a necessity to take proper measures for your safety. It is better to consume water which has obtained from a proper purification process, mainly ozone purification. Mineral drinking water contains oxygen throughout body to organs-tissues-blood cells-& finally to your immune system.

10-step purification process Packaged Bottled Water:

Oxineer water is obtained from a 10-step purification process which ensures you pure and Packaged Bottled Water for consumption within its bottle. Oxineer is beneficial for many things such as digestion, long life, complexion, glowing skin, added minerals and a lot of things. Oxineer helps in flushing out toxins from your body and helps to increase your immunity.

We provide people the satisfactory product which deals with all water related diseases as we know a major ratio in India are facing issues and diseases that are born because of adulterated water. We believe in providing best quality to our experience and maintain high possible standards in terms of hygiene.


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