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Top 5 Reasons to Use Video Surveillance to Protect Your Business


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There are many reasons for installing CCTV systems in the office or even at home. However, today we would like to highlight five reasons that, in our opinion, are considered the most important in relation to business. Compared to home, the business faces personal security challenges on a daily basis that are important to overcome. For this reason, you should be aware of them and why video surveillance can help.

Choosing a video surveillance system for business

According to TelecomDaily statistics, of the 13.5 million CCTV cameras installed in Russia, 58.7% of the cameras were installed by commercial organizations to protect their businesses. For comparison, individuals installed only 8.5% of the total number of cameras, and state organizations32.8%. This information is consistent with our observations.

Indeed, the role of video surveillance in business can hardly be overestimated. This is a preventive measure against theft, a way to control the situation, and proof in any incident.

Restraining factor

The first reason why it is important to have CCTV cameras is straightforwardthey are an effective tool for scaring off criminals. Anything that is actively working to prevent an event is deemed to be a deterrent. In this case, the event to be contained is a crime on the enterprise’s premises, and those who need to be contained are considered potential criminals. An attacker may have several reasons to enter your territory without permission. This may include acts such as theft, vandalism, destruction of property, or any combination of these. A lot of companies often face personal threats as they exchange goods and money. This makes businesses, especially retail businesses, prime targets for theft.

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Typically, CCTV cameras are installed by professional contractors who know where to place devices on site and around the perimeter strategically. This leads to the fact that video cameras capture the correct viewpoints of vulnerable and important areas and create constraints. This is because the CCTV cameras will be positioned so that any criminal approaching the perimeter can spot them. According to statistics, it is more likely that a criminal just gives up and does nothing if he knows that a video surveillance system protects the business.

A responsibility

Another good reason why any business should consider installing video surveillance kitsIs a responsibility. This term is used to describe the responsibility of a particular party in an adverse situation. For example, a company is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of employees or customers. If a person is injured at work, the employer must have a chance to prove that he is not responsible in order to avoid litigation. Most employers will still be required to pay workers compensation for injury, but the extent to which is determined by the employer’s ability to prove that it was not negligent. Likewise, if a customer gets hurt, it would be good to prove that it wasn’t due to business negligence. The presence of video recordings from CCTV cameras will help to prove that every effort has been made,


Insurance premiums are another compelling reason for installing video surveillance in a business. Most insurance companies will provide some discount when installing indoor security cameras. This is because insurance is a fallback for many problems that can be solved with CCTV kits, such as property damage or theft. Using this solution gives the insurance company more confidence that it is less likely to pay compensation to the business.

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Probably the reason most people think of first when installing CCTV is evidence of a crime. So, recording evidence is considered the primary reason for installing CCTV cameras anywhere. Video evidence can help prosecute a perpetrator. This point is also related to the first reason. Criminals are aware that CCTV cameras are recording video evidence, which makes the installation of cameras primarily a deterrent.

Moral calm

The fifth reason for installing CCTV is the peace of mind that users, employees, and prospective customers will have. Knowing that a credible deterrent protects them provides the level of safety and emotional security that every employee deserves at work. No one should feel at risk in the workplace or in the store. The peace of mind provided by CCTV cameras can increase employee productivity and increase customer flow and loyalty.

Three factors to consider when choosing a business camera

So, we can name three main aspects that should not be overlooked:

make sure the system you choose suits your purpose. That is, it is impossible to install a camera in a warehouse or production facility without a night vision mode; you cannot put a camera in a shopping center only at the cash register, but not put it at the entrance or in the far corner, in the wine department. If you need a camera for a small office, there is no point in paying extra for a thermal casing, but cameras on the street should have thermal casing and antivandal protection.

clarify the advantages and disadvantages of the selected connection system. Cameras can be wired or wireless. Wired (classic) involves pulling a wire (or even two) around the entire perimeter and sometimes drilling the walls. Wireless transmit the signal via WIFI. They are compact and convenient but will not be suitable for large areas or interference with the connection.

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choose your shooting priorities. So an analog camera will give a slightly worse image than a digital one, but it will cost less. Important metrics are camera resolution (sharpness, image clarity) and frame rate. As for the resolution, FULLHD 1920×1080 and higher will be optimal.

Which are the best types of CCTV cameras?

  1. Dome Camera.
  2. Bullet Type Cameras.
  3. C-mount camera. 
  4. Day/Night CCTV Camera.
  5. Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera.
  6. Varifocal Cameras.
  7. Wireless cameras.

What is a CCTV camera and how does it work?

CCTV refers to the Closed-Circuit Television that consumers use widely in ensuring safety and surveillance. In this system, because it do not transmit the signal openly as it is with broadcast television, you have to call it closed-circuit. The video cameras send the footage back to a set number of monitors.


In conclusion, it is very obvious that in securing your business CCTV and Surveillance cameras play a significant role. In this guide, we have manifested all the important aspects related to securing business and properties through the use of video surveillance cameras.

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