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Best 5 Live Chat SDK for Web and Mobile Apps 2021


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According to Statistica, globally 3.09 billion people are using mobile applications in the year 2021.

This shows that people prefer messaging and getting instant responses to other mediums of communication. Live chat SDK providers offer live chat in web and mobile apps for businesses to be accessible to its users. In this article,we will see the top 5 live chat SDK for mobile apps in detail which will help you decide the provider that you can choose for your business.

Let’s have a look at the necessity of having  live chat for a business, its benefits and features that will give an overview of live chat SDK android,iOS. Following this, we will discuss the top 5 live chat SDKs for web and mobile applications.

Importance of Live Chat for a Business

Prospective customers contact the customer support team of a business to make a purchase decision. When prospective customers receive timely advice and inputs from experts about a product or service, it becomes easy for the prospect to make the purchase decision. This increases sales of a business and can be done using a live chat API for the website.

Advantages of Live Chat

It is cost-effective for a business to have a live chat API to serve its customers. Live chat application involves only development cost/purchase cost and the maintenance cost. A single person can handle multiple chats thereby reducing the overhead cost. Live chat option provides prospective customers a chat to interact live with the business team and help them make an informed purchase decision.

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Top Features of the Best Live Chat SDK for Web and Mobile Apps

A good chat application builds the brand of the business. The people interacting with the customers upfront build the reputation of the company. Inside sales and customer support service can be provided to your customers from any part of the world. The only requirement is that the person servicing the live chat application (customer support representative) should be familiar with the usage of the live app and have access to the live chat API.

  1. Instant problem solving
    Live chat  can include self-help options and search through FAQs for quick resolution of queries. The customer need not wait for the live chat agent to begin the live chat conversation to resolve the complaint/query. When you build a chat app, use advanced features to incorporate self-help options.
  2. Time and cost-saving
     live chat  should be built with advanced features that do not compromise on customer experience. A customer support representative handling live chat can handle multiple chats at a time thereby saving time and cost
  3. Increase customer retention and engagement
    Customer engagement through various channels and customer retention is something every business continuously works on. When you build chat app for android with the right features that are easy to use and beneficial to the customer, it increases customer retention and engagement.

  4. Improve customer experience
    Customers are willing to pay more for the best customer support. This means businesses should build live chat sdk that helps resolve customer issues in lesser time, with no wait time, on an easy-to-use app with great UI.
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Top Live Chat APIs and SDK Providers for Android,iOS and Web

Live chat automates the customer needs of businesses. With android live chat api and live chat api ios, customers can reach out to businesses at the tap of a button. Here are the details of the best live chat APIs and SDK providers for web and mobile apps.

CONTUS MirrorFly

CONTUS MirrorFly is the best live chat API & live chat SDK in the market. Features are 100% customizable to suit the requirements of any business and customer group. Data security is taken care of by the best technology and malicious activities are detected proactively for the best user experience. It is possible to make several integrations within the app to use advanced features.


  • Over 150+ Chat  features
  • Clean user interface
  • High data security using compliant security standards
  • High backend infrastructure
  • Fully customizable
  • Self-hosted SIP and VoIP calls

Price : One-time license cost

Supportive Platform : Android,iOS and Web


Apphitect helps businesses integrate communication networks in their processes. it builds live chat API and live chat SDK for android, ios and web so the businesses can reach customers through all platforms. Cutting-edge technology is used to develop the live chat application that can be used for companies of any size.


  • Fully customizable solution
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Multimedia sharing facility
  • Data security
  • No downtime

Price : Customized pricing

Supportive Platform : Web and Mobile Apps


Sendbird is a user interface kit used for creating live chat applications. It has a strong front-end and back-end system that enables fast and smooth communication in the live chat API and live chat SDK. 1,000,000 live chats can run on the application at the same time.

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  • Indicator of typing
  • Filter for profanity
  • Offline and online messaging
  • Tools for moderation
  • Spam protection

Price : Custom pricing starting $399/month

Supportive Platform : Android,ios


Applozic offers live chat, voice calls, and video calls in the live chat SDK. It can be deployed on cloud, web, and SaaS and used on android and ios. has a live chat api for android, live chat api ios, and live chat api for websites. 


  • Multi-platform
  • Audio and video call
  • Group chat and individual chat
  • UI toolkit
  • Cross-app live chat

Price : Custom pricing starting $249/month

Supportive Platform : Android,ios,web


Twilio enables live chat and voice calls through the live chat platform. When you build chat app, you want it to be customizable and scalable. Twilio is scalable as per the usage of the app. It is available on android, ios and web.


  • Integration with CRM
  • Easy-to-switch between call providers
  • High-quality voice calls
  • Pay as you use
  • Call, SMS, e-mail, voice call on single platform

Price : Monthly Subscription

Supportive Platform : Android,ios,web


When you build a chat app for android you can reach out to a large audience. Live chat android is something that the mass audience uses for communication. When you build a chat app on such a platform, you provide easy access for your target audience to reach out to you. The best five live chat SDK for mobile apps and their details are mentioned above. You can choose the one that best suits your needs to provide the best user experience.

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