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Why Teamwork Matters More Than You Think


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It is hard to find a job that does not involve teamwork. Organizations thrive when everyone works together and collaborates to get the job done.

Many leaders fundamentally understand the importance of teamwork. Yet, with the demands of their roles, they do not put the intentional effort into creating a culture where partnership thrives.

If you’re unsure of the value of teamwork, let these five statistics change your mind.

Teamwork Statistics

  • Companies that promoted teamwork were five times more likely to be high-performing than their competitors. – Institute for Corporate Productivity
  • Employees who worked together stuck at their task 64% longer than their peers who worked alone and reported higher levels of engagement, lower burnout, and higher success. – Forbes
  • 97% of employees and executives agree that a lack of alignment within a team negatively impacts the outcome of a project. – TinyPulse
  • 86% of those surveyed agreed that a lack of collaboration is to blame for workplace failures. – FireInc
  • 2/3 of employees feel their company does not openly share information, knowledge, and ideas. – Gallup

I’m sure these statistics have left you asking how you can increase individuals working together. Below are five ways to do so.

6 Ways To Increase Team Collaboration

    1. Focus On The Environment
      For teams to thrive you need to create the right environment. An environment where employees show trust, openness to new ideas, and respect. To do so, create team values for employees to follow.
    2. Lead By Example
      If you want to foster team collaboration, you need to demonstrate it yourself. Make sure you are working with other leaders, departments, as well as your team. Ask for their opinion and input before making decisions.
    3. Use Teambuilding Exercises
      Going through an experience together, such as a challenge like an escape room or ropes course, can build relationships, trust, and the teamwork skills you need. Again, many providers can do this for you either in-person or online.
    4. Have The Right Tools
      In the virtual work world, your team needs the right tools to facilitate collaboration. Popular tools include Zoom for videoconferencing, Slack for collaboration and chat, and Google Docs for collaborating on documents in real-time.
    5. Take a Leadership Course
      No one is born knowing how to lead a team. That’s why leaders invest in training to be equipped with the skills to do so. There are many options for online leadership training, such as Niagara Institute, where participants develop the skills they need for team leadership alongside their peers.
    6. Get Aligned
      It will be hard for teams to excel if they go off in their own direction. Using a team alignment worksheet, like the one below, is an ideal way to get everyone focused.
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Teamwork Sheet To Get Aligned
Teamwork Sheet to Improve Alignment

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