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5 Creative Ways to Use Box Printing


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When preparing to get box printing done, you need certain guidelines so the end product looks and feels like an alluring extension of your brand image.

Before you lay hands onto the designing of the boxes, you must shun some of the commonly persistent misconceptions about them:

  1. Printing is not costly
  2. Boxes do not have to be produced only in bulk.
  3. It doesn’t take long to get the boxes printed
  4. You don’t have to do it yourself.

Many businesses often put printing on the back burner because they think that they lack the expertise to do it. However, such is not the case anymore!

There is ample help around. Specialist designers are hired to perform all tasks relating to printing and styling the boxes. Remember how people got skeptical of using printing press for commercial packaging? Slowly they realized that it wasn’t such a big deal. In the same way, your apprehensions can also be laid to rest once this guide helps you to clear them.

Take a look below to know the basic tips for getting fascinating printing on the boxes:

Be inclusive of all sides

Printing is not just for the front box side or the top. It can be done on all sides. Doing so would lower the need for extra peripherals. For instance, a user manual printed on the boxes would eliminate the need for separate sheets included inside the boxes. This way, your boxes can be read off quickly and customers could be persuaded using these rather than extensive promotions.

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You must have seen such tactics being used by skincare brands. They specify why the products are good for a particular skin problem and the directions for use right on the boxes. The packaging boxes have adequate space on the back, sides, and bottom apart from the usual top and front covers. If you doubt that buyers wouldn’t read the contents, then the box designers can help to make the contents readable by adding stylish fonts and engaging patterns.

Put the brand logo prominently

What causes brand awareness? Certainly, customers remember their favorite brands by their boxes. But that is not just it. Subconsciously, buyers retain the brand logo and spot it first on the boxes.

You must print your unique brand logo on the top or front, avoiding the corners. The aim is to engage buyers’ attention when they see your logo on the boxes. Many famous brands keep changing the appearance of their packaging but customers still recognize it by the logos. Your brand must exude brilliance with its logo design. Otherwise, no matter how well the boxes are designed, buyers will not retain them for future purchases. Buyers look for the brand logo to know what company they are purchasing from. For this reason, and many others, the brand logo is the most vital element among the box features.

Include social media

The modern era has brought a new challenge with the arrival of social media. Box printing can enable your brand to ace this and turn it into an opportunity.

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Don’t think too hard. We have got you covered on this too. Follow the easy guide below:

  1. Attach your social media address so customers know where to get more info from.
  2. The website mentioned on the boxes can get your buyers a chance to stay connected.
  3. Other contact details like office location and phone numbers also project a professional appeal.

Getting more likes on your social media handles is sure to start a spiral that attracts more customers. Potential consumers judge the effectiveness of brands via their followers on social media. Your brand can become more popular without spending extra resources. Custom printed boxes are great to educate buyers of your brand’s presence at online portals so they can reach it for varied reasons.

It is also a good way to slide in more in-depth knowledge about your brand and its ethos so customers feel intrigued and convinced to try your products.
box printing

Use marketing texts

Going through so much hassle to design the boxes, you better get them to do marketing for your brand! many times, customers get to know about the other product line a brand offers through its boxes. Not just this, the printing done on the boxes can be used for varied purposes. This includes introducing your brand or new products, capturing the interest of buyers with interesting taglines, etc. the more creative you get, the more eyeballs would fall on your boxes.

The boxes can be converted into moving billboards with apt printing. So, your brand can seem favorable while traveling or sitting on the store racks. There would be no need of hiring extra salespersons and renting expensive hoardings. The custom packaging boxes can be your branding champion when it is printed with engaging and informative marketing texts.

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Another effective technique in the form of personal notes can work well too. Certain brands use welcome notes and thank you messages in handwritten fonts so customers get a personalized feel. Buyers highly value this and prefer to buy from brands that offer a hands-on shopping experience. Jewelry manufacturers usually use these on the inside of their boxes to let customers know that their preferences are considered.

Provide a wholesome experience

Whether it is picking an offbeat box look or making the accessing process intriguing, printing can enhance your overall brand aura. Customers look for an extra edge particularly in terms of the unboxing feel. Giving them exactly what they want is possible with creative printing. This is not just limited to the styling but also contains custom measurements too.

Your brand image can create a stir in the consumer market when your boxes look great and store products with perfection too.


Box printing is an art and you can master it with expert guidelines as mentioned above. There is no room for errors when you have designers holding your back. So, print away to more brand recognition within your budget.

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