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How to Use Video Marketing in Social Media


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Are you feeling frustrated with your social media strategy? Do you feel like you’ve been spending hours on your social media marketing and are not seeing results?

You’re not alone in that pain. Since social media is constantly changing, you need to constantly adapt to the new changes. One of the biggest recent changes is the addition and popularity of video marketing.

Since this can be daunting if you’ve never compiled your own video before, we’ve come up with a few tips to get you started with your video marketing strategy! Keep reading to get started.

Diversify Across Platforms

Most social media platforms offer video marketing in 2021. Whether that be on TikTok YouTube, Instagram reels, through Facebook live videos, or Instagram TV, there are many different platforms and options to choose from when it comes to videos.

However, if you really want to grow your business and be successful, diversifying across all platforms is the best strategy. You’ll be reaching more people, which in turn can bring you more business.

Choose the Right Type of Video

When it comes to video marketing, you can’t just throw a video together of a few random clips and expect that to go well. You need to provide something to your followers.


Depending on your niche, any type of value that your followers would be interested is a great way to think through your video marketing strategy.

If you are a travel blogger, create videos that provide destination tips and tricks. If you are a photographer, create videos that give tutorials on photography or your camera.

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As long as you are providing value, you are killing the video marketing game.


Everyone loves a good, emotional video. The more you are vulnerable with your followers, the more they will trust you with your recommendations, tips, and anything else you provide as a business. People like to see who you truly are and can relate to that.

These benefits are just a few of what you’ll notice with promoting the right type of video.

Keep Your Videos Short

Let’s face it. When you’re scrolling and watching videos yourself, you probably only stay for a few seconds before scrolling to the next video. That’s because an adult’s average attention span is only 8 seconds.

Most of the social media apps won’t allow you to make long videos, but either way, keeping them short is the trick. The only exception to this rule may be YouTube, where longer videos are normal and helpful most of the time.

Always Include a Call to Action

You can make all of the videos that you want, but without adding a call to action to a caption, a description, or to the video itself, you may not see any action taken on your social media accounts or subscription accounts.

For instance, at the end of your YouTube videos, you should make a statement like “Subscribe to never miss out on a new recipe!” On Instagram, you could say something like “Follow us for more great travel tips!”

Your call to action needs to be related to your niche and business. It must be an action that a person can take right then and there.

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Incorporate SEO 

Search engine optimization is the idea that you want to rank the highest on a search engine. To do this, you have to follow a few different criteria to increase your SEO:

  • Make sure you have internal links and external links
  • Use specific words that people will be searching for your video to pop up

Using SEO will be incredibly helpful on platforms like YouTube or even Pinterest, where idea pins have now become more interactive.

In regards to Instagram and TikTok, there is not much SEO to worry about. Here, you want to maximize your reach with hashtags. By using relevant hashtags on each video caption, you’ll be reaching more people than are actually following you. This way, you are bringing in new customers or followers for your business.

Track Your Analytics

What’s the point of creating tons of videos without actually seeing how they are doing in the scheme of things?

On each platform, there are different ways to track performance of your video. On Instagram, you can check out your stats like impressions, reach, likes, comments, saves, and shares. On TikTok, you are mostly looking at likes and comments, but also if anyone has followed you because of the video.

On YouTube, you would track how many people end up subscribing after a new video release. The more subscribers you end up getting, the better your strategy is doing. That means you should continue doing whatever it was in that specific video.

With social media marketing, you always want to make sure that you are tracking each post or video that you make. This way, you are able to see what is working and what is not. You can then tweak your video marketing strategy from there.

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Start Video Marketing

Although video marketing probably seemed a bit daunting when you first realized you needed to start doing it, hopefully these tips will show you that it’s pretty simple and can actually be quite fun!

Go ahead and try out these tips today on your different social media accounts! It’ll take some time at first, but you’ll be shocked at how natural the process will become.

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