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A Handyman Business: 12 Steps To Success


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Your handyman, handywoman, or handyperson business should thrive. Owning an elderly home necessitates repairs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been in business for years. So here are our 12 handyman business ideas. Most of them are free!

  1. Plan Your Business

It’s like starting a journey with no end. But not when starting a new business.

Consider your handyman service’s goals. Then set goals and milestones to track your progress. Considerations:

  • What do you want to earn?
  • How many clients?
  • Do you want clients?
  • Why do you want a job?
  • How many hours per week?
  • Do you hire?
  1. Think About SME Coverage

It’s part of running a successful handyman business. It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do as a handyman. Make sure you have insurance.

Consider the following options for business insurance:

Liability insurance covers accidents, injuries, and negligence.

Protects businesses from negligence claims if they make a mistake

Consider disability insurance in case you can’t do your job’s physical work.

  1. Examine The Rivals

A handyman service should consider its competitors. You can find similar services in your area by using Google. Beware:

Aimed at

  • Costs
  • Their residence
  • Users
  • Their advertising strategy (where/how)
  1. Wise Service Choice

Employers encourage employees to take any work they can get. Just a few services would be absurd. No. It makes sense to focus on projects that are in high demand, valuable, and quick.

  1. Charge Reasonable Fees

Decide how much to charge for handyman services (i.e., by the hour or by the project). Prices are normally fixed for six months but can be changed at any time.

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Most jobs are priced hourly or flat. When calculating hourly or project rates, consider the following:

Date (be fair to yourself about how long a job is going to take, including travel)

Gifts (you can charge more for jobs with specialized skills, e.g., building a staircase versus painting a fence)

Set up the work area and rearrange the furniture. This time is billed.)

Costs (adjust for wear and tear if using expensive equipment).

Taxes (as a business owner, factor in your government taxes)

Certain tasks require a license. Credentials may be renewed annually.)

  1. Create A Marketing Strategy To Reach Your Target Demographic.

See the world from their perspective (marketing-speak for a specific problem that your prospective customer is experiencing). Then get your name out there where these clients congregate, both online and off. Starting a successful handyman software business requires this step.

  1. Work With Related Companies

Most businesses prize a referral. It’s priceless to have a potential customer pre-qualified by a reliable source. How to get it? They pay!

  1. Do Chores Annoy You?

Outsource the chores you can’t do but don’t like. It’s one way to become indispensable in your handyman service.

  1. Add To Your Service And Skill Set

You can do most jobs if you’re a handyman with some skill-based training. But to advance, broaden your skillset.

Enroll in extra training courses if you have a particular job interest.

  1. Do More For Your Clients

Want to grow your handyman business quickly? Consider simple ways to immediately exceed client expectations.

  1. A Trainee Or A Worker

Do you wish you had more help to finish everything? Consider hiring or training an employee to help your business grow.

  1. Promote Your Skills
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It may be wise (and profitable) to focus your business on one or three areas such as carpentry, technology, or landscaping.

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