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Abbie Burnett: Did John David Duggar’s Wife Just Reveal That She’s Pregnant?


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Duggar pregnancy rumors seem to surface at the rate of about one per week.

That might sound excessive, but to be fair, a lot of those rumors turn out to be accurate.

After all, Duggar women are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being, and the ones who get a later start tend to make up for lost time by transforming their lady bits into non-stop baby-making factories.

Take Abbie Burnett, for example.

Abbie just welcomed her first baby in 2020, but fans suspect that she’s already well into her second pregnancy.

The wife of John David Duggar is 29 years old, and because she married into the creepiest family on the planet, she’s probably already suffered through multiple awkward conversations about how many child-bearing years she has left.

But that’s not why so many suspect that Abbie is expecting her second child.

The rumors began back in November of 2021, when Abbie and John David posted pics from their anniversary celebration on their joint Instagram account.

“It was a HAPPY anniversary,” Burnett captioned the photos. 

“My Duggar spidey senses are tingling,” a Reddit user wrote at the time, according to In Touch.

“Based on nothing more than the capitalization in the caption, I’m going to say that these two are expecting,” another person commented.

“I’m so glad I’m not the only one who saw these pics and immediately sensed an announcement,” a third chimed in.

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“It’s like we all know their code words now and secret captions hinting to pregnancy without announcing yet,” a fourth observed.

If that had been the end of it, perhaps the rumor would’ve died out.

But this week brought a new discovery courtesy of eagle-eyed fans who stumbled onto Abbie’s Pinterest page and noticed that she appears to be planning a gender reveal party.

“I was on Pinterest the other day and noticed Abbie has a board titled ‘Pink or blue?!'” one Reddit commenter wrote.

Abbie Pinterest

“I believe she has her mom tagged in it also. I wouldn’t think much of it except it has all of these spring and Easter-themed gender reveal party ideas,” another pointed out.

“Did I miss an announcement?” a third asked.

“I think you’re onto something! This board is full of gender reveal/baby announcement ideas,” a fourth pointed out.

We suppose it’s possible that Abbie is helping someone else plan a gender reveal party.

But when you’re talking about Duggar women, the likeliest explanation is always that they’re secretly pregnant.

There was a time when the ladies of the Duggar clan would shout the news of their fertile wombs from the nearest rooftop.

But these days, the whole family is keeping a much lower profile thanks to the fallout from the Josh Duggar child pornography scandal.

So there’s reason to believe that Abbie would keep things on the down-low, even if she’s getting close to her due date.

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We’re just gonna go ahead and congratulate her in advance now.

Usually anything that makes Jim Bob happy is a bad thing, but John David and Abbie seem like perfectly decent folks!


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