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After Hours: Sahil Shah, Managing Partner, WATConsult


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The Job

What I love about my job is the fact that there is immense learning across all levels, and in the industry as well. Personally, the learning and growth matters the most to me. Being a dynamic field, digital is evolving rapidly, and this is keeping everybody on their toes. In such a challenging environment, it feels great to be around colleagues, clients and partners who bring so much enthusiasm and optimism to the table.

I would like to see the agency folk, clients, and partners adapt faster to the tech advancements that are coming in, especially in the creative space. Everyone talks about it, but only a few leverage them to their full potential.

The Weekdays

My weekdays are super busy. I love the live action as it makes me feel alive. Every morning I take an hour to figure out what I need to achieve in the day, and then I dive into my calls and meetings. I do not prefer to take any breaks during the day honestly, because I feel it disrupts the flow of things. However, I do squeeze in 20 minutes for lunch, but even during that time I watch some of the latest work in advertising across the world, or something around tech that’s shaping our future.

The Weekend

My weekends are for everything that I love to do. Catching up with family and friends, some entertainment, and lots of learning. I have been spending substantial time and money as an early-stage investor across start-ups, various asset classes, and now the cryptoverse. I go through at least three pitches every weekend and watch a lot of content on YouTube.

The Toys

I am a complete Apple fanatic. While I have many gadgets around, the latest entrant is my new iPad. I am absolutely hooked onto it for everything. Next on my list is the AR headset that Apple will hopefully release in 2022.

The Logos

Apple is the only brand I am loyal to. Although I belong to the world of brands and marketing, I am not brand conscious. I buy everything that’s appealing to my aesthetic.

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