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Amber Portwood: I Wasted All My Money on Strippers and Drugs!


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If you keep up with your Teen Mom news and gossip, then you’re well aware that the people on these shows make just an obscene amount of money.

Like, just buckets and buckets of cash simply because they got pregnant when they were teenagers and had lives that were messy enough to interest MTV.

We’ll likely never know exactly how much money the Teen Mom stars make, but we’ve heard multiple sources claim that the original moms on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars per season.

It seems like they’ve been making this kind of money for years — all the way back in 2011, Amber Portwood revealed in court that she made $140,000 for every six-month contract with MTV.

The main cast has gotten plenty of raises since then, so it’s probably safe to say that before taxes, they’ve each earned well over a million dollars for being on the show.

In more recent seasons, we’ve seen them spend that money on big fancy homes, nice cars, that sort of thing.

But Amber, funnily enough, has been living in a rental home for over two years now, and we usually just see her hanging out on the couch — why isn’t she buying house after house like so many of her co stars?

Well, according to some excerpts from her new book obtained by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, it’s because all of her money went to drugs, her boyfriends, or strippers.

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It’s not exactly shocking, but the details are definitely interesting!

In one section of the book, titled So, You’re Crazy Too?, Amber admitted that “When people ask me where all my money has gone over the years, I am embarrassed to say most of it has gone to my ex-boyfriends.”

“For someone who seems so strong and violent, I sure let a lot of people get away with stealing from me over the years.”

And see, it’s already gotten too wild, because why would you ever say anything like that?

She’s essentially saying that yeah, she’s known to beat up her boyfriends, but she still let them steal from her … does she want to be congratulated for not assaulting someone in this specific circumstance?

“In my younger years,” she continued, “I blew a lot of money I made on the show on drugs.”

Not a shocker there, but she followed that up by saying “I kept wads of cash in my house to pay drug dealers with, and friends all knew it.”

“There were so many times I would notice thousands of dollars missing from under my couch cushions, and I know one of my drug-addict friends had stolen the money.”

We wouldn’t say that she deserved to have money stolen if she kept thousands of dollars under her couch cushions, but like, we wouldn’t not say that either.

Another way she lost a ton of money was by taking boyfriends to her local strip club, which she said she did often.

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“I would throw $100 bills at the girls like I was a millionaire,” she recounted. “I could spend $4,000 a night at that strip club.”

“I liked to think I was helping the girls pay for college. I always paid for everyone who was with us, too, and I made fun of the guys for only giving out $1 bills.”

Elsewhere in the book, Amber wrote “I used to be really bad with my money,” which seems like something readers would have gathered by that point.

“I don’t live a lavish lifestyle at all,” she explained, “but I like to spend money on other people.”

“When I would go out, I paid for everyone’s bar tabs, no matter how many people I was with. I always wanted everyone to be more comfortable than I am, and my boyfriends are no exception to this rule.”

This is definitely true — we’ve seen on the show that she really doesn’t spend her money on anything crazy for herself, but goodness knows her boyfriends have.

The worst offender for this by far was Matt Baier, who she claimed had cheated her out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few different ways.

One was through their house-flipping business — they only flipped one house together, but she said they made a six-figure profit after she paid for everything, and that she only got $30,000 from the money they made while he took around $140,000 for himself.

He also spent roughly $200,000 of her money to buy her two cars, and when they broke up, he took both of them.

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“Obviously the $200,000 it cost to pay for these cars came from my bank account, but I still thought it was really nice of him to think of such extravagant gifts,” she said.

She considered taking him to court to get the cars, but eventually just “chalked it up to my bad taste in men and moved on.”

But how was Matt able to spend so much of her money in the first place?

“Back in te day,” she wrote, “I the minute I fell in love, I put whatever guy I was dating onto my bank account. Joint accounts, unchecked access to my money — it must have been fun dating me.”


Hopefully she’s wised up since then, but based on everything else we’ve ever known about Amber, it seems unlikely.

What a waste.


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