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How to Enjoy a Healthy Camping Vacation


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Camping is a great vacation option for those who want to blend fun and health, especially if you are someone who often finds that they are unhealthy when they are on vacation. Camping vacations are also perfect for those who love peace and quiet, being in the outdoors, and exercise. Here are some top tips for your next camping vacation that can ensure that you are able to have an ultimately enjoyable time. 

  • Get a Roof Tent

If having to live out of a tent for days at a time is putting you off your camping trip, you should consider investing in a roof tent. Roof tents can keep you warm, as they are made out of weatherproof materials, and can also protect you from the sun’s rays. They are also mold-resistant and will give you a much quieter experience than other types of tents, especially in poor weather. However, they are not just an excellent option for those who are intending to go into the wilderness and battle poor weather conditions. Their place on your roof means that you do not have to worry so much about storing your tent, or about finding the perfect plot to pitch your tent. Instead, they enable you to crawl into your tent to sleep and relax whenever you wish to. You can get a roof tent for you and your family, with some of them sleeping up to three people, from companies like RoofBunk

  • Pack Healthy Foods

Although you might believe that you will have to fill yourself up on junk food and snacks when you are camping, this is not the case. There are plenty of healthy camping foods that you can consume, and an array of delicious camping recipes that you can cook while you are away. For instance, you might pack sardines, rice, or sunflower seeds for your trip, and concoct recipes such as vegetable frittatas for breakfast. You should also make sure that you take fruit with you, such as bananas and apples, as these can stave off hunger throughout the day while giving you the energy that you need to have an exciting and fun-packed trip. 

  • Plan Exercise

Rather than lounging at the campsite all day, you should plan some activities that involve getting active and moving your body. Traditional camping activities include cycling, hiking, and geocaching, and you should ensure that you are constantly making the most of the opportunities for exercise that the great outdoors can bring you. You might even be staying in an area where you can enjoy water sports, such as canoeing, kayaking or swimming, and you should not be afraid to try a new sport during your camping trip that you might not have the chance to try out at home. 

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You might be dreaming of a beach or pool vacation this year. However, you should look into the best locations for camping in the USA, as this could allow you to have an incredible getaway and make wonderful memories in a healthy way. 


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