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Amy Duggar Reveals Weight Struggles: I Used to Cry Every Night


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Amy Duggar has long had a reputation as the most honest membert of the Duggar family;.

Granted, her relatives have set the bar pretty low by lying to their fans pretty much constantly for the past decade or so.

But Amy is more honest than the vast majority of non-Duggar reality stars, as well.

And her latest social media post reminds us just how much of her inner life Amy is willing to reveal to the world.

It was back in October of 2019 that Amy welcomed her first child.

She was 33 at the time — much older than the average new mom in the Duggar clan — and she was already estranged from much of her family for her unwillingness to blindly follow their more restrictive rules.

So Amy wasn’t receiving much support from Jim Bob and company in those days.

And to make matters worse, fans who were loyal to the patriarch had begun to revel in taking shots at rebellious Amy on social media.

So Amy’s self-esteem was at an all-time low as she nursed her first child, and she’s now opening up about the body image issues she experienced in her first months as a new mom.

Fortunately, Amy is feeling better about herself these days, and it was with admirable candor and courage that she shared a photo of herself taken shortly after she gave birth.

“Forget the term ‘baby weight’ I’m calling it ‘created another human being weight’ and I don’t know about you but it doesn’t just ‘melt off,'” Amy captioned the image.

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“Your body has been through so much and if the house is disaster that’s ok, if you don’t know the last time you’ve showered that’s ok too,” the mother of one continued.

“In this picture my hair looked like a birds nest..I felt like a blob, one big fat whale.”

Amy went on to reveal that she struggled with her appearance in those days — but the sight of her healthy baby boy brought her comfort.

“And I was hard on myself, I cried, pinched my stomach and just didn’t feel like myself pre-baby. Nothing fit right, and I felt ugly,” she wrote.

“And then I looked up and saw my sweet boy and in that moment my mood changed. And I took this picture. And I’m so glad I did now looking back.”

Thankfully, Amy receives far more support than hate these days, and the commenters on her post eagerly expressed how grateful they were for her honesty.

“You are beautiful, inside and out! Thank you for showing everyone!” one commenter wrote.

“Moms are the real ‘body builders,’ we just don’t get medals or trophies,” another wrote.

“It takes a lot to grow another human and then also help them become good adult human.”

“You’re beautiful, and you’re raising a sweet baby! Be easy on yourself,” a third person chimed in.

There was a time when the Duggars attempted to portray Amy as a living cautionary tale — an example to their fans of how not to live.

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So seeing her live her best life while Jim Bob and Josh are finally held accountable for their actions is deeply rewarding.

With any luck, Amy will continue to flourish, and who knows?

Perhaps one day she’ll even make a return to the world of reality television.

Such a development would certainly have Jim Bob ripping his hair out by the roots, and that should be motivation enough for some network exec to make it happen!


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