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Amy Roloff: I’m So Happy with Chris! I’m So Glad I Ditched Matt!


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This week, the Little People, Big World audience got to witness Amy Roloff’s wedding special.

It was heartwarming, sweet, and even funny at times.

For Amy, marrying Chris Marek is not just a love story, but a tale of triumph and self-love.

If she had never divorced Matt, Amy wouldn’t have gotten her next chapter and her happily ever after.

57-year-old author, reality star, and grandmother Amy Roloff spoke to Entertainment Tonight in a new interview published this week.

“So many women can look down upon themselves,” she lamented.

Amy noted that some women come to believe “that they’re not worthy.”

“They’re not good enough,” Amy continued, characterizing how some women feel after divorce.

“Something must have been wrong, or whatever the reason may be, and I came out of it,” she added.

“It’s something that broke,” Amy said. “It’s something that didn’t work out.”

Amy may have experienced some of that.

“But,” she affirmed, “I’m still good.”

“I’m a good person,” Amy correctly stated. “I have a heart.”

“Something got lost along the way,” Amy acknowledged.

“But to end a relationship like that in the public eye and still come out,” she remarked.

“I’m OK with just me,” Amy emphasized. Good for her.

“If I never have that opportunity to find someone, I’m good with me,” Amy said.

She added: “I like being with me.”

Amy also very much likes being with Chris Marek, who is now her husband.

“I hope what people see throughout this whole thing is a love story,” Amy expressed.

“This is my second one,” she noted.

“And,” Amy continued, “this is Chris’s first.”

“But I think just the growth of our relationship, through the episodes and prior seasons,” Amy noted.

“And now,” she added, “being able to be part of this wedding special.”

“I just hope they see a love story that has grown, has solidified,” Amy expressed, “and I don’t know, just happy.”

“We all know relationships take work,” Amy said.

“But,” she admitted, “it’s so worth it.”

Their happiness is palpable, so when it comes to Amy and Chris, we are certainly inclined to agree!

Meanwhile, In Touch Weekly learned that Amy and Chris had a plan for the wedding special.

Instead of cozying up by the TV at home and reliving their wedding, they had other ideas.

The couple vacationed in Hawaii this week as the special aired.

“Chris told people on a tour at Roloff Farms that he and Amy are going to Maui and leaving on November 9,” a witness revealed.

The witness, who had toured the farm, noted that this was “the same day their wedding special airs on TLC.”

The witness added: “He told a fan that they are pretty much winging it, but he is excited to go snorkeling. They’re going for about a week.”

Interestingly, Amy acknowledged in this interview what her friends Deb and Lisa pointed out in Amy’s kinky conversation.

This is Amy’s second love story. She does not have a lot of relationships to which to compare, well, anything.

So even though she is a mother and grandmother and a very accomplished woman, some things in her love journey with Chris are still very new.

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