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Brush and Root Grapples: A User-Friendly Buyer Guide


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Grapple products are more versatile and impressive than they’ve been in a long, long time. If you’ve been waiting to invest in a grapple, you need to finally pull the trigger in 2022. There are endless options available that can serve all types of buyers’ needs. For those who need help finding the right grapple for them, here is a user-friendly buyer guide for brush and root grapple products: 

Understanding the Arms

The top part of the grapple design, the grapple arms, also known as the grapple lid, is what distinguishes a grapple from other objects. The two most prevalent grapple arm designs used for brush grapple for skid steers, single or dual-arm, are most frequently used in brush and root grapples. There are also other grapple arm designs to consider, but only these two types are likely to enter into your consideration ultimately: 

1. Single Arm Types:

Light-duty, single-cylinder hydraulic construction designed for a smaller, more compact brush is the prevalent feature of most single-arm grapple products. If you want stronger, more uniform brush grapple add-ons, there are heavy-duty single-arm grapple solutions available as well. That being said, both single-arm systems have trouble handling large loads.

2. Dual-Arm Types:

The most popular type of grapple add-on product is the two-arm/dual arms setup. Two independent arms are used to provide an equal amount of effort and to handle irregularly shaped heavy brush debris with ease. The construction of robust brush and root grapple is better supported by dual-arm products, so most people end up going with this style ultimately. 

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Considerations Regarding Tines

With no edge plates or a solid bottom, the load a brush grapple carries is supported by the grapple tines, similar to a bucket. This makes it simple for the grapple to move brush, sticks, and logs while dumping soil level, leaves, and other small material in its wake. However, you must use caution because not all tines are created equal. Knowing what type of tine setup you need, and how to properly install them, is of utmost importance. 

You will also have to consider the impact of the tine spacing. Tine spacing is handled successfully by looking at the type of debris you’ll actually be moving. Less space is better for moving compact debris and dirt, while wider tine spacing is better for moving logs and other heavy-duty items. Depending on the type of product you’re using, you may be given manufacturer’s notes that will help you find the perfect amount of spacing between tines with ease. 

Heavy-Duty vs. Light-Duty Products

There are many different types of grapple products out there. However, they typically fall into either a heavy-duty or light-duty category. Heavy-duty grapple products are made using thicker steel materials and are much heavier and more difficult to install than their light-duty counterparts. That being said, you’ll have a much larger capacity, making jobs go by much, much faster as a result.

On the other hand, light-duty grapple products are a better solution for smaller, independent operations. They are both easier to install and are significantly more affordable. They are made using lighter-weight steel material and are made for smaller jobs. With a clean yard, you can make the area look absolutely stunning. 

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Is Steel Essential?

Steel is the gold-standard material for quality brush and root grapple products. A brush and root grapple’s steel composition is crucial, especially when it is put to heavy use on a frequent basis. Heavy-duty steel grapples are more expensive up first, but they will last much longer and require less maintenance, and repair needs to retain their worth for a long, long time.

What About Reinforcement Features?

There are many other additional features you can look into when investing in a quality brush or root grapple product. You can get greasable hinge pins to make jobs smoother, for example. By investing in hoses and couplers, you can make the hydraulic hoses that connect to your grapples last for much longer. Lastly, you can invest in hydraulic cylinder guards to safeguard the functionality of your product even further. 

Additional Useful Features are Important to Watch Out For

If you’re unsure about whether or not your current brush grapple needs are being met, you need to contact a professional to get proper guidance. This is an important and expensive investment, so you want to know that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Thankfully, there are many incredible brush and root grapple products on the marketplace right now that are affordable via a variety of budgets, so it’s never been a better time to actually invest in a quality grapple product. 




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