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Amy Slaton, Star of 1000-lb Sisters, Pregnant with Baby #2!


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The events unfolding on Season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters are not the only things going on in the Slaton sisters’ lives.

Just like reality TV, real life is full of surprises — and some of them are happy.

Amy Slaton took to social media this week to reveal some exciting news.

She is once again pregnant!

Amy Slaton-Halterman and her husband, Michael, have exciting news.

The two are expecting their second child.

Amy’s one-year-old son, Gage, got to help break the joyous news on social media.

Amy Slaton IG pregnancy announcement, due July 18

Though he almost certainly cannot read it, Gage is shown wearing a shirt with a very important message.

“I’m going to be a big brother 2022,” it reads.

Additionally, Amy specified in the captions: “I’m due July 18th!!!! We are over the moon!!!!”

Amy Slaton IG 12 weeks pregnant

Amy later shared photos, likely from a pregnancy app or similar guide.

She is currently 12 weeks pregnant.

The reality TV star went into further detail in a subsequent video.

1000-lb Sisters s3 trailer still - Amy is moving out

“Hey y’all! It’s Amy and Michael and we got a big surprise for you guys!” Amy announced.

“We’ve been holding out for a while now to tell you this,” she admitted.

Amy explained that they waited “because: one, we were scared — not because of the news, because, you know, s–t happens.”

“And we just, really,” Amy continued, “it’s time to tell people,”

Michael agreed, at which point she offered him the chance to (re-)make the announcement.

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“Well,” her husband declared, “we are expecting another child.” 

Amy followed that news by holding up a positive pregnancy test  and three sonograms.

(so nice to see a positive pregnancy test on social media instead of a positive COVID test)

Gleefully, she then exclaimed: “Baby number two y’all!”

1000-lb Sisters s3 trailer still - Amy clashes with her sister

The sonograms, she detailed, were from an entire month earlier, when she was only seven weeks pregnant.

“I’m currently eleven weeks and four days,” Amy detailed.

She shared the expected due date: “The baby is due July 18th.” 

Amy Slaton feels sisterly concern

Many people who are expecting plan on the outset on having a vaginal delivery if possible, but not in this case.

Amy decided to share with fans and followers that the plan is to deliver the second child via C-section.

Additionally, they are making plans for her to get her tubes tied as well, minimizing risk by having one procedure follow the other.

1000-lb Sisters s3 trailer still - Amy finds a bidet

The due date may be for the middle of July, but it’s likely that Amy’s child could be seeing a lot of birthday fireworks.

The actual date of birth may be around July 5th.

They don’t know much about their future child, but Amy shared that they are already narrowing down a list of potential names.

1000-lb Sisters s3 trailer still - Amy says Amanda has no filter

“We already got names picked out,” Amy shared.

That does not mean that they are ready to share, however.

Once they know the sex of the fetus, they might say more. For now, Amy revealed, “we’ve been calling it Beanie.”

1000-lb Sisters s2 trailer still - amy maternity shoot

Given what a good name they gave to Gage, we’re hoping that they do just as well the second time around.

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Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Amy and to Michael.

May Amy have a happy, healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery!


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