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Andy Cohen Teases HUGE Premiere Surprise for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


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Leaks have already been dishing on the chaos during RHOBH production, particularly during the cast’s trip to Aspen.

Obviously, a lot more has gone down than we know.

This week, Andy Cohen teased his excitement about Season 12, letting something slip.

He praised the “big premiere,” calling it “the best” in the show’s history before quickly clamming up before he spilled the beans.

On Wednesday, March 9, Aidy Bryant and Emily Simpson were the guests on Watch What Happens Live.

After the SNL star gushed over having met Garcelle Beauvais, Andy had The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on the brain.

Despite his better judgment, he couldn’t help but tease the “big premiere of Beverly Hills coming up.”

Andy Cohen with Aidy Bryant and Emily Simpson WWHL

Andy almost immediately admitted that he “shouldn’t say anything” about the upcoming season.

Lots of reality television gets spoiled, but it’s rarely by the network itself.

Thankfully, Aidy didn’t let up, pressuring Andy to spill the beans.

Andy Cohen comments on a guest's disposition

“I would say it’s the best premiere of Beverly Hills, the best first episode of Beverly Hills, that I’ve seen,” Andy confessed.

That is some wildly exciting news for longtime viewers of the show.

Bravo fanatics all over the internet are jumping with excitement … and wondering which potential storyline is making such an impression so early in the season.

Obviously, we know some of the storylines for this season already.

Erika has her grueling legal challenges to face as her life continues to spiral downward.

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Dorit Kemsley’s home was robbed by gun invaders while her children slept in another room.

However … it’s hard to imagine Andy being so giddy over either of those.

Even if Erika did somehow help her estranged ex in his alleged crimes (that’s a big “if” and she has not been charged with any crime), her misery isn’t fun to watch.

And Dorit’s trauma, and how much worse it could have been if her children had woken up, is not the makings of a joyful premiere.

Kathy Hilton has some notes (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

On the other hand, Kathy Hilton has seemingly had a less than stellar time on this season.

That’s not just based upon reports — Kathy’s own social media seemed to say as much, loudly and clearly.

That could be later in the season, however. The premiere surprise remains a surprise for the time being.

Kyle Richards gasps (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Dorit Kemsley, Sutton Stracke, Crystal Kung Minkoff, and Kathy Hilton are back.

Kathy is still a “friend of” the Housewives.

Joining the show is Sheree Zampino, who will also begin as a Friend.

Sheree is more than just Will Smith’s ex-wife, with whom he shares 29-year-old Trey.

She is also an artist and an entrepreneur, with several businesses including a skincare brand.

Sheree is close with Will and with Jada, and it will be interesting to see how she fits in with the case.

One new Full Housewife joining th cast is Diana Jenkins, who is the founder, chair, and CEO of Neuro Brands.

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You know beverages like Neuro Sleep? If one of those changed your life for the better, you have her to thank.

Diana is also a philanthropist and an activist, having dedicated decades to human rights work and disaster relief projects.

Season 12 is shaping up to have a lot of potential.

While recent seasons of RHOBH haven’t been plagued by the same bad timing troubles as RHOC or RHONY, we’re excited to see these new faces.

It will be nice to find out what has Andy so full of excitement that he can barely keep from spilling network secrets.


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