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6 Amazing Project Management Tools Language Service Providers Must Have


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To be competitive as a language service provider, you have to continuously work on your speed, quality, and customer service. Considering the criticality of language translation to build a connection between your brand and audiences, LSPs must take their job very seriously. So, LSPS need to approach their everyday work the right way to achieve the efficacy, effectiveness, and speed they want.

Professional LSP agencies should have all the advanced tools they need to effectively manage their day-to-day translation operations. Let’s have a closer look at some must-have translation tools that every LSP should have in their toolkit.

Must-Have Tools for Premium Language Service Providers

If you are a premium language services provider who has to manage large-scale translation projects, it’s important to get assistance from advanced tools. Below are some examples of tools that LSPs should invest in.

Task Management Tools 

While managing large-scale translation projects, it is common to have complications in managing tasks. Especially if you have a well-organized infrastructure. A professional task management tool will automate your document management, and your translators don’t have to do everything manually. It will not just waste the translator’s time, but they have to put unnecessary effort into useless things. So, you rather have a task management tool in place to save your translators from all this trouble.

Machine Translation Tools

When you are working with multiple high-end clients, things can blow out of proportion. So, you can either put an excessive workload on your existing employees, so they keep cutting corners, or, the other option is to buy a professional machine translation tool. These tools will reduce your dependence on human translators; however, you don’t have to fully depend on MT tools either. It will reduce your time spent on translation and through the post-editing method, you can easily uplift the quality of your translations cost-effectively. Use professional MT tools only and beware of using any open-source tools for business translations.

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Quality Assurance Tools 

No client is hiring you for literal translations from one language to another. You have to keep them culturally appropriate, consistent, meaningful, and emotionally on point. To ensure that your translations are meeting the quality criteria of the client, you must do QA testing. It is better to have professional QA testing software in place that will automatically check the overall quality score of your translation and provide recommendations for improvements. It will make the QA testing process quite seamless and simplified for your translators. So, to design a quality localization solution for enterprises, a QA testing tool is a must.

Team Collaboration Tools 

Being a premium language services provider, you have to manage a huge workforce working in-house and in remote locations. It wouldn’t be that simple to enable seamless communication between all your internal and external translation teams unless you have established effective communication channels. Having a professional communication tool can allow your translation teams to collaborate and approach each other anytime they need any assistance. It will help the project managers to effectively convey their requirements to each team member and get direct feedback.

Resource Management Tools 

Effectively managing the translation resources is also another challenge for language service providers. With the help of your professional tools, the overall efforts and time to manage the resources can be reduced. Moreover, if you are using a reliable tool, it may also save you from resource wastage. Using these tools, you can easily manage your translation memory and brand glossaries to achieve high speed and consistency in your translation outcomes.

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Data Analytics Tools 

In the end, for any LSP, it is important to have performance analytics tools that will help you figure out where they are standing and the overall progress of the project. It’ll allow you to make better decisions about project management and strategically handle multiple translation projects simultaneously without compromising on quality. You can use the same analytics tools to monitor your team’s performance. So you can get an idea about where they are lagging. This way, you can proceed with your daily translation management tasks more effectively without delays.

What About an All-in-One Translation Management System?

It will be even great if you have all of the above-mentioned tools available in one place. Well, many companies have made these professional translation management systems that may provide you with many project management features all at once. Or, you can also customize your translation project management system as per your unique project needs. MarsHub is an example of a cloud-based translation project management platform that is specifically designed for LSPs to manage multiple translation projects simultaneously.

Final Verdict!

Incorporating advanced technological tools can help you as a language service provider to stand out in terms of quality and speed. Based on your business needs, you can choose to invest in these technological tools to enable agile translation project management. Most importantly, always research for a trusted and well-reputed service provider to get reliable tools.


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