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Anna Delvey: Deported to Germany? Banned For Life From US?!


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If you’re a wealthy, gullible Manhattanite with a penchant for throwing money at people with cool clothes and exotic accents, then we guess your world is a little safer today!

According to a new report from the Daily Mirror, con artist and “fake German heiress” Anna Delvey has been deported after spending the past year in an ICE detention facility.

Delvey has been in the news a lot in recent weeks thanks to the popular Netflix limited series Inventing Anna, which was based on her life and crimes.

Anna was convicted of second-degree larceny, theft of services and first-degree attempted larceny following a high-profile 2019 trial that made her a tabloid staple.

She was acquitted of some of the more serious charges against her, such as attempted grand larceny in the first degree, a result of Delvey’s efforts to secure a $22 million loan she tried to obtain from City National Bank.

Hey, anyone who’s ever applied for a mortgage can tell you that loan officers are the real bad guys in pretty much any situation!

Anyway, on Tuesday, the Mail ran a piece titled “Fake heiress Anna Delvey’s final day in America: Fraudster was deported to Germany last night,” but they may have jumped the gun on that claim.

Several outlets are now reporting that Anna filed an appeal just in time and will now remain in the US at least until her next court date, which is scheduled for April 19.

Sources tell the New York Post that Delvey is “furious about the deportation” proceedings.

In a rare interview released earlier this week, Delvey maintained her innocence, maintaining that she’s the only one who suffered as a result of her actions.

“In the end, I just overdrew my own bank accounts,” Anna told the “Forbidden Fruits” podcast.

“Some people think I did not get enough time, and I should probably get 20 years for that. So I guess there are different opinions out there.”

Delvey says her social-climbing days are behind her, and she’s currently putting all of her energy into being granted asylum in America and seeking justice for herself and three other detainees who got sick during their time in custody.

Anna recently announced that she is suing ICE after she allegedly contracted Covid-19 when she was denied a booster vaccination shot. 

She says she’s the victim of “‘unlawful discrimination” by ICE officials who denied her the vaccine despite her status as a “medically vulnerable individual.”

Delvey was paid a reported $320,000 for consulting on Inventing Anna, but it seems that most of the money has already gone toward paying restitution to her victims.

Delvey 7

According to the Mail, Anna has repaid $100,000 to City National Bank, $70,000 to Citibank, spent $75,000 on legal fees and another $24,000 on fines – leaving around $51,000 left over.

The outlet estimates that Delvey still owes $35,400 to the Uber-owned air taxi service Blade for the private jet she chartered from NYC to Nebraska, and she has not yet reimbursed the $23,000 she owes to Signature Bank. 

Anna says she’s now on “poor person’s relief” which provides her with money for her legal fees and the cost of filing her appeal, but little else.

Delvey 6

Needless to say, these are tough times for Anna, and her whereabouts remain uncertain.

But on the plus side, she’s a Russian who successfully convinced people that she hails from a different European country, and there might soon be a lot of money in teaching that skill to her fellow countrymen!

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