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Going Nuts for Cable Conveyors: The Superior Solution for Nut Handling


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Ever wondered how your favorite crunchy nuts make their way from the orchard to your snack bowl? Conveyors play a big part, but not just any conveyor—cable conveyors have got the game on lock. But not all conveyor systems are created equal. This is where cable conveyors, like the ones designed by Cablevey Conveyors, come into the picture.

Understanding the Peculiar Challenges of Nut Handling

First off, transporting nuts isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. They’re delicate little things, and given how nutrient-rich they are, they’re not cheap. Any rough handling can turn them into expensive nut dust—definitely not what we want.

Typical conveyors use belts or chains to shuttle products along their length. But this process can be quite abrasive, rather like being in a packed subway during peak rush hour – chaotic and potentially bruising.

The Gentle Approach Of Cable Conveyors

Most conveyors use belts or chains, which is like cramming nuts into a jam-packed subway at rush hour. It’s rough, and it can cause bruising or breakage. Cable conveyor systems carry the items gently, ensuring minimal contact and minimal damage. This makes them ideal for delicate cargo that needs to maintain its integrity and quality.

In the realm of gentle handling, Cablevey Conveyors have truly made a name for themselves. Their innovative cable conveyor systems are designed with the safe and gentle transportation of delicate items like nuts in mind.

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The Game Changer In Efficiency

Size matters too, especially when you have to move a lot of small nuts quickly. Cable conveyors use discs on a cable line to move bulk volumes of nuts in a flash, all without sacrificing gentleness. It’s a game-changer, letting you move more nuts faster without compromising quality.

Unlike other conveyor types that are only as swift as their slowest item, cable conveyors can transport large quantities of nuts quickly and efficiently. They use discs attached to a cable line to move bulk nut volumes seamlessly, all while maintaining the previously discussed gentleness.

This feature is a definite game-changer. It means larger nut volumes can be processed in shorter times without any quality compromise. Talk about a win-win situation.

Simple and Straightforward Maintenance

Another cool perk is that these conveyors are low maintenance. They’re easy to clean and keep in tip-top shape, so you can focus on what really matters – transporting the goods gently and easily.

Cable conveyors are designed with easy maintenance and cleaning in mind. Cablevey Conveyors, for instance, provide conveyor systems that are straightforward to clean and maintain, thanks to their intuitive design. This means fewer hours spent on upkeep.

A Detailed Look at Cleaning and Sanitation

When we talk about keeping things clean, there’s cleaning, and then there’s sanitation. Cleaning means getting rid of visible gunk like dirt or leftover nuts. Sanitation is more intense; it means getting rid of stuff you can’t see, like bacteria. Cleaning a cable conveyor involves several steps:

  1. Debris Removal – The first step is removing any large debris or leftover product. This can usually be done manually,
  2. Surface Cleaning – Next, the surface areas of the conveyor are cleaned. This can involve brushing, wiping, or even using compressed air to blow away dust and debris,
  3. Detailed Cleaning – Finally, the conveyor’s track, the cable itself, and any crevices need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent buildup and maintain efficiency.
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Sanitation, on the other hand, involves:

  1. Selecting a Sanitizer – The first step is choosing the right sanitizer for the conveyor. This will depend on the conveyor’s material and the products it handles,
  2. Sanitizer Application – Apply the sanitizer to all surfaces of the conveyor. It’s crucial to reach hidden areas where contaminants might lurk,
  3. Allowing Dwelling Time – After applying the sanitizer, let it sit for the recommended time. This allows the sanitizer to work effectively,
  4. Rinsing – Depending on the sanitizer, rinsing the conveyor after sanitation might also be necessary. 

Cablevey Conveyors Are The Ideal Nut Handling Solution

Cable conveyors offer a gentle, efficient, and easy-to-maintain solution for nut handling. They ensure that the goods reach their destination in prime condition, all while making your task easier.

When it comes to industry leaders, Cablevey Conveyors offers compelling options. Their systems are designed specifically for delicate products, making them a top choice for nut processing operations.

For anyone in the nut business, it might be time to consider switching to a conveyor system that truly understands those needs. With Cablevey Conveyors, factories might just find themselves going nuts for their cable conveyors.


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