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Are Your Carpet Filthy? 4 Surprising Facts Revealed


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arpet Cleaning is a great manner to add warm temperature and luxury to any area. But, as any property proprietor will recognize, they could get grimy quite quick. Whether it’s children treading in mud or a visitor spilling a tumbler of red, sometimes it’s past your manipulation. But do you know how unclean your carpets sincerely are?

As part of the Spring Cleaning Survey, the National Carpet Cleaning Association (NCCA) has made some startling discoveries when it comes to the grimy depths of carpets. Keep analyzing to peer a few eye-establishing data approximately the cleanliness of your flooring…

Harboring germs

With 41% of Brits worried about germs and micro-organisms found in their Carpet Cleaning and sofas, it’s time to put your house beneath the microscope. The first locating – a whopping 70% of human beings admitted to bringing dust into their home after treading in it outdoor.

As well as outdoor dust, carpets additionally entice nasty air pollution – the whole thing from dirt, mites, and mold. If left to linger, dust and bacteria can cause allergies and lead to different health troubles. That’s why deep and effective cleaning is required to create smooth and secure surroundings for anybody, which includes young kids.

Blood, sweat, and tears

And that’s now not all. With over a quarter of humans admitting they alternate baby nappies on their Carpet Cleaning, it’s no surprise human beings are worried approximately the cleanliness of their flooring.

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Alongside this, 2 in 5 humans revealed they work out on their carpet – allowing sweat to get trapped inside the fibers. And if that wasn’t sufficient, a startling 37% have had blood, urine, and vomit on their carpet, floor, or sofa.

Pesky pets

The germs don’t prevent there either, particularly when you have pets. As part of the NCCA survey, 25% of participants mentioned that they had tread dog poo onto their Carpet Cleaning.

Despite the plain troubles, if canine messes aren’t removed fast they can depart at the back of a whole host of awful bacteria. When cleaning them, it’s also top to be aware of the high-quality methods to prevent stains.

Food and drink

Despite not being the cleanest region in a residence, over half of human beings admit to ingesting or drinking at the same time as sitting on the Carpet Cleaning. Although a takeaway in front of the TV feels like a fantastic idea, humans frequently find themselves accidentally spilling their meals inflicting stains and mess.

Not best that – 51% admitted to ingesting something they’d dropped on their floor. With the quantity of dirt in carpets, it is probably time to ditch the five 2nd rule.

Get professional assist

Carpets are a fashionable and effective flooring option for homes and commercial properties. But whether or not it’s meals, dust, or blood – there’s plenty of dirt locked in them. To maintain them searching and feeling tremendous – and prevent germs from spreading – it’s vital to hold them spick and span.

That’s wherein The Carpet Cleaning Company comes in. We offer powerful carpet cleaning services with high exceptional, expert effects. Want to experience beautiful sparkling and clean carpets? Get in contact with our friendly team to request a cleaning quote today.

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