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Ariela Weinberg Reflects on Life in Ethiopia as Nation Ravaged by Civil War


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The past year and a half have seen tremendous ups and downs for Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre.

It looked like they might split after Biniyam cheated on Ariela during baby Avi’s surgery trip.

Now it seems that they’re living together in America, with Ethiopia a distant memory.

But with a humanitarian crisis unfolding after a year of civil war, Ariela is reflecting upon her time there.

Ariela Weinberg Ethiopian flag split

“I first arrived in Ethiopia in January 2017,” Ariela wrote on Instagram this week.

“I flew Ethiopian airlines from Israel,” she shared.

Ariela admitted: “I had vague notions of what it might be like in this new country.”

“Of course, I was wrong,” Ariela acknowledged.

“Ethiopia is hard to imagine if you haven’t been,” she added.

Ariela warned: “All the Nat Geo documentaries and googling won’t help much either.”

“After that first trip I just had to keep going back,” Ariela shared.

“There is something about the air that is different in Ethiopia,” she characterized.

Ariela described: “It hits me everytime I walk out the doors of Bole Airport.”

“I fell in love with a land and a culture,” Ariela expressed.

“Then I fell in love with a man,” she wrote, referring to fiance Biniyam Shibre.

“And now,” Ariela concluded, “I am falling in love every day with my baby Avi.”

On the show, which was likely filmed well over a year ago, we see Ariela and Biniyam in a very different place.

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After weeks in Princeton, New Jersey for baby Avi’s surgery and recovery, Ariela called her fiance.

She was furious with him for turning their family home in Ethiopia into a party house, hiding Avi’s crib and partying with strange women.

Ariela’s suspicions of Biniyam were not irrational, but based upon ample evidence.

She had seen plenty of photos, as Biniyam’s pictures were sent to their shared iCloud and thus to her phone.

Additionally, others, including Bini’s friends and his own sister, Wish, had warned her about him being with other girls.

At the time, she presented him with two choices.

The first was that they would split, coparenting Avi as exes after drawing up a legally binding custody agreement.

The second was that they could try again, but not in Ethiopia where Biniyam surrounded himself with toxic influences.

That is why the next episode shows them meeting up, not in Addis Ababa where they lived, but in Kenya.

Apparently, despite seemingly making no efforts to be a good partner in the past, Bini did not want to lose Ariela.

We knew, late last year, that the couple had spent some time in Kenya. Now we have a clearer picture of why.

And, most recently, numerous reports have spied Ariela and Biniyam in and around New York and Maryland.

Ostensibly, Bini was here to participate in some sort of MMA tournament, but many believe that this was just part of the truth.

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More likely, fans speculate, they are on their K-1 visa journey and have already completed it — almost certainly on camera.

On a much more serious note, there was another reason for why they left Kenya.

Biniyam’s toxic influences were real. Presumably, the cheating was, too.

But Ethiopa has been shaken by a year of civil war, beginning with civil unrest in Tigray.

Various rebel groups and the government that they are fighting have both been accused of perpetrating war crimes.

In particular, at least one rebel faction has allegedly been targeting ethnic minorities for violence and death.

The alliance of rebel factions claimed this week that they are months, or possibly only weeks, from taking Addis Ababa — the nation’s capitol.

“Ethiopia Needs Peace,” Ariela wrote on Instagram alongside a lengthy video on the subject.

“Please pray for Ethiopia! we need solutions,” she asked. “We need smart thoughtful people to work together.”

Ariela’s caption concluded: “We need to treat each other with respect and forgive one another. We need peace.”


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