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Ashley Jones: Slammed By Teen Mom Fans Following Shocking Jade Cline Drug Allegation


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Well, if you’re one of the Teen Mom viewers who’s been complaining about how boring the shows have become in recent years, then you’re probably really enjoying the latest installment in the long-running franchise.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion is many things, but boring is not one of them.

The show has been brimming with drama from the beginning, with security guards getting involved on the ladies’ very first night in the house.

This was no great surprise, of course, as producers knew exactly what they were doing when they cast two women who oppenly despise one another:

Jade, Ashley

The feud between Ashley Jones and Jade Cline has been simmering for quite some time, and it boiled over in a big way during the first episode of TMFR.

The ladies had to be held back as they both screamed threats at one another 

“I’m gonna take your head off your shoulders,” Ashley shouted at Jade.

For her part, Jade promised that she would “teach [Ashley] a lesson like her mama should.”

Thankfully, security personnel did their jobs and everyone’s heads remain firmly attached to their necks.

Unfortunately, the drama spilled over into the following evening — at least for Ashley.

After congratulating herself for doing “good last night,” Jones made a remark to now-husband Bar Smith that rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way:

“She’s on the same drugs as her mother. That’s the only guess I’ve got,” Ashley said.

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Teen Mom 2 viewers are surely familiar with Jade’s mother and her struggles with substance abuse, so they know that comment is a particularly low blow.


On Reddit and elsewhere, fans went off on Ashley for making such a cold-blooded remark about Jade’s family situation.

“‘She’s on the same drugs as her mother’ but this is who y’all defending ???? Lmfao Ashley is a joke. CLOWN,” one user wrote, according to The Sun.

“Come on Ashley, if you run your mouth don’t expect to not have people b-tch at you,” another advised.

“Then you go and say you think they are on drugs? No they are just sick of highschool b-tches…”

“It don’t sit right with me how Ashley’s GO TO shade is always about drug abuse, aka mental illness. Ehh,” a third person chimed in.

“I love Ashley but we don’t make fun of or poke fun at people with drug addiction,” a fourth observed.

“I know she was still pissed from the night before but that part wasn’t cool.”

For her part, Jade has also been taking a good deal of flak on social media, as at least one viewer is convinced that she’s already “ruined” the new Teen Mom spinoff series.

“Who’s excited for the new episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion tomorrow?” Jade asked on Instagram ahead of TMFR’s second episode.

“No one you ruined the first episode,” one person replied.

Clearly the comment didn’t sit well with Ms. Cline who responded almost immediately.

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“For 1, y’all say you hate the drama but eat it tf up lol so plz,” she wrote.

“For 2, I’m glad we got major issues out of the way at the beginning so we can all move forward. Water under the bridge at this point.”

In a separate post, Jade explained that the Ashley fight was not nearly as intense as it looked.

“Editing makes everything look slightly different lol,” she wrote.

“We were all there for hours and we were doing fine until the verrry end once we were all drinking and tired,” Cline continued.

“It was crazyyy but def a huge learning lesson. I learned so much about myself. Would do it again!”

We know what Jade is saying about the misleading editing — it’s something that countless reality stars have complained about in the past.

But if a night ends on a crazy note, it was still a crazy night, regardless of how calm things may have been before.

Any time an evening ends in a fight, that’s really all anyone is gonna remember — and that’s true for non-reality stars, too!

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