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Asuelu Pulaa Reveals INSANE Amount of Money He’s Sent to His Mom: Sorry Kalani!


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For years, viewers have watched Kalani Faagata feud with Asuelu Pulaa’s sister, Tammy.

Kalani hasn’t wanted conflict. She just wants to have a healthy marriage and family with her husband.

Most of the problems seem to arise from clashing over how much money — if any — Asuelu pays to his mother.

Now, Asuelu is opening up about how long he’s been making these payments, and how much it is now.

As guests on this weekend’s new episode of 90 Day: Bares All, Kalani and Asuelu spoke to Shaun Robinson.

Kalani detailed exactly why she had such a problem with Asuelu’s family wanting to see Asuelu and the kids but not her.

This is when Shaun asked if most of their conflict is about money — the couples’ money that his family covets.

Tammy Acosta - oh yeah, that christmas was nothing

“I think Tammy just doesn’t like what Asuelu gives,” Kalani began.

“Because,” she explained, “she has given a lot in the past.”

Kalani added: “I think that now that he’s in America, she’s trying to pass that off onto him.”

“I don’t think Asuelu would have survived growing up without her money,” Kalani revealed.

She added: “He basically lived off of Tammy’s money when he was in Samoa.”

And now, they explain, Tammy feels that Asuelu needs to pay that back — not to her, but to their mother.

Lesina Pulaa - I don't care about the kids (Asuelu watching)

“I worked before I came here,” Asuelu shared.

He added that he “gave her my whole check” when he worked back in Samoa.

For years, he paid his mother $600-$700 a month, amounting to $15,000 at least.

Additionally, Kalani revealed, Asuelu had cleaned out his bank account and savings before coming to America.

Then, despite already having a child with Kalani, he handed over that money to his mother, Lesina.

“Which we fought over,” Kalani shared, “becuase I thought that he should have brought it to [baby Oliver].”

Lesina Pulaa and Tammy get heated - you caused the trouble

That money could have gone to support Asuelu’s baby and family.

Asuelu explained that this is how “household,” “culture,” and “life” work in Samoa.

“When we success in life,” Asuelu reasoned, “we need to [be] taking care of our parents and our family.”

Lesina Pulaa - shut up

But Kalani had something illuminating to add, because not all of that money goes to groceries or bills.

“It’s also bingo money, though,” Kalani revealed.

“Bingo money, church fundraiser, church events,” she listed as ways that money sent to Lesina is spent.

Tammy Pulaa to Kalani Faagata - I'm gonna beat you up!

Obviously, once money is donated to someone in need, it is theirs to spend.

But normally, seeing someone spend significant portions of donated money on things totally outside of their home that are not necessities is a sign.

A sign that they don’t really need the money, or that they don’t know what to do when they receive it.

Everyone needs some quality of life in order to live, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be a big spender at social events.

That’s something you do for social clout.

“Everyone wants to take care of their parents,” Kalani reasoned, “but not to the degree that they do it.”

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