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Audrey Roloff Claims Hospitals “Hold You Hostage” After Child Birth, And Critics Are Like, “WTF?!?


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Audrey Roloff wrote thousands of words about her labor and delivery last week.

But a number of social media users out there are focused on just a select few at the moment.

As previously reported, the former Little People, Big World star delved into extreme detail a few days ago via a five-part Instagram post in which she went over EVERYTHING she experienced while giving birth to son Radley in November.

It’s clear Audrey went through a lot, and we’re glad she’s doing okay in the aftermath.

At one point in this retelling of her child birth tale, Roloff mentioned that she welcomed her third kid into the world not in a hospital.

But in a special birth center.

“Why are you so against modern medicine?” a follower asked the podcast host and author during a follow-up Instagram Story Q&A.

“I am not!” the former reality star responded.

“Also I had incredible labor and delivery nurses for both Ember and Bode’s births and LOVED them. I just desired a more natural approach to birth and didn’t want any unnecessary medical interventions (more likely in the hospital).”

audrey medicine

The words unnecessary medical interventions struck some folks as odd at the time.

We suppose, however, a line of thinking does exist in which some individuals believe doctors will go out of their way to perform surgeries or procedures on patients in order to rack up medical bills.

Roloff, however, then seemed to take her stance a bit further when asked by a different follower whether a birth center is more expensive than a hospital.

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“No. Less. And they don’t hold you hostage for like 24 hours like the hospital does so you can leave whenever,” she said.

audrey hospital

It didn’t take long for Reddit users to scoff at this remark.

Audrey thinks that a hospital keeps patients hostage?!? Because it feels as if women and newborns ought to remain under a doctor’s care for 24 hours after delivery?!?!?!?!?

“I’m sorry… but she doesn’t have a clue what other women go through during birth and she makes others feel badly…” wrote one critic, while anotherr agreed as follows:

“My child and I were held hostage for DAYS. They insisted on pumping us through with life saving iv antibiotics.”

In responding to the modern medicine question posed above, the former TLC personality did go on to write that she was “not throwing shade at anyone else who doesn’t share” her beliefs, adding:

“Each mama has to decide what’s best for them and where they feel most comfortable.”

In Audrey’s case, there was plenty of discomfort at this time.

Already a parent to four-year old Ember and two-year old Bode with husband Jeremy Roloff, Audrey described her third infant’s birth .

The little one was born en caul, Audrey explained last week, which means that his “water never broke and he was born in the amniotic sac.”

“It’s extremely rare — less than 1 in 80,000 births! Oh, how I wish I had a good picture to show you, but it was dark and the angle of the photos doesn’t really show it well.

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“My midwife popped the sac while he was still in the water right after he came out, so when I sat up and turned around so she could pass him to me, he had what looked like a deflated balloon over his head.”

As for the birth center in general?

“It was so calm and peaceful and Jer and I both said ‘This is how it’s supposed to be’ to each other so many times afterward,” Audrey wrote on her Story.

“I still had good experiences at the hospital with my other births and them respecting my desires for no/minimal interventions…

“But I also had a doula there to help advocate for what I wanted so Jer and I could be fully present laboring together.”


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