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Audrey Roloff Explains Why Newborn Son Just Underwent Surgery


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Audrey Roloff has once again opened up about her latest child and what it’s like to be his mother these days.

Back on November 8, Audrey and husband Jeremy broke the very exciting news that they had welcomed a baby boy into their immediate family, with the former writing on Instagram:

“It’s a BOY!! Welcome to the world Radley Knight Roloff.

“Born 11.8.21 at 6:32 am 9.1 lbs 21.5 in and born en caul which was wild! I can’t wait to share his birth story with you soon.”

Roloff then went ahead and kept her word.

The former Little People, Big World star has continually shared a number of updates in regard to both herself and her precious baby.

She uploaded photos from her water birth, for example, and also some rather intimate footage from this same labor and delivery.

At another point, Audrey confessed to suffering through severe postpartum symptoms in the wake of becoming a mother for the third time.

“I have gotten severe engorgement with all three kids within 24 hours of them being born,” she wrote a few weeks ago.

“And I’ve struggled a lot with reoccurring mastitis postpartum.

“I’m doing all my things to fight it off, but I appreciate prayers too.”

Mastitis is a physical and mental challenge for new mothers because it means they have major problems breastfeeding.

Audrey went on to say that Radley “makes all the after-birth pains worth it,” not that we ever doubted as much.

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Now, however, Audrey has said that Radley just underwent surgery to hopefully correct the breastfeeding problem cited abive.

“[Tongue] tie fixed,” the 30-year old said via Instagram Stories on Monday, December 6, alongside a photo of herself holding Radley in a doctor’s office.

“Pray this helps keep the mastitis away.”

Audrey previously revealed how she pushed through the painful condition, which is an inflammation of the breast caused by an infection, with all three of her children

They were all born with tongue-ties, too, while four-year old Ember is also lip-tied.

Ankyloglossia, or “tongue-tie” as Audrey refers to it here as, is something that is present at birth … when the frenulum on the bottom of the tongue is especially short and tight.

Breastfeeding USA describes lip ties as taking place when “a baby’s lips can be attached to [their] gums, making it difficult to get a good grasp on a nipple.”

“We decided to fix Radley’s tongue-tie … to help with my struggles with breast-feeding and mastitis,” the TLC alum said in her new video.

“It was a pretty significant tongue-tie. We went to the same place we had Ember’s tongue and [lip-tie] fixed.”

Ember underwent a procedure to correct her tie in 2018.

However, the parents opted not to fix their two-year-old son Bode‘s tongue-tie because it wasn’t as severe.

Audrey concluded by saying that the newborn was “totally happy and fine” after the “simple” procedure, adding:

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“[The laser procedure is] supposed to be more effective in preventing the ties from growing back.

“It takes 30 seconds to do it.

“The worst thing is doing these exercises six times a day and once in the middle of the night for four weeks so it doesn’t grow back.”

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