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Audrey Roloff Shares Intimate Pictures From Third Child’s Water Birth


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Simply, truly and just absolutely amazing.

A few days after giving birth to her third child, Audrey Roloff has taken fans inside this blessed and very personal life event.

How so?

By uploading a number of revealing photos from the delivery of young Radley, which took place on November 8 and which also took place inside of a bathtub.

“Can’t wait to share his birth story with you guys,” the Little People, Big World alum wrote via Instagram Stories on Thursday, November 11.

“Photo taken right after [my husband, Jeremy Roloff], shouts, ‘It’s a BOY!

“Blurry birth photos will always be my favorite photos on my camera roll.”

Audrey and Jeremy — who are also mom and ad to Ember, 4, and son Bode, 22 months — confirmed they were parents once again this past Monday.

“Welcome to the world Radley Knight Roloff,” Audrey wrote via Instagram as a caption to pictures of herself and her newborn, adding:

“Born 11.8.21 at 6:32 am 9.1 lbs 21.5 in and born en caul which was wild!

“We are so grateful to God for answering so many specific prayers in regards to this labor and delivery. A word that I had been praying over this birth was “harmony.”

“And it truly was one of the most harmonious experiences.”

Cut to later in the week and these incredible snapshots, as we see Audrey cradling Radley to her chest and Jeremy looking on — in total awe.

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This was the sentiment he expressed online, too.

“@audreyroloff showed immense strength and surrender and I’m completely amazed at her,” wrote Jeremy.

“The Roloff household is healthy and full of joy, thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. Cheers to Radley!”

Aside from providing followers with these photos, Audrey also posted a picture of herself just one hour after welcoming her second son, while confessing to some of the pain she’s going through these days.

“Most of you know if you’ve been around here when Ember and Bode, were born, my milk comes in a fury and is like molasses,” the 30-year old explained on social media.

“I have gotten severe engorgement with all three kids within 24 hours of them being born.

“And I’ve struggled a lot with reoccurring mastitis postpartum.”

Indeed, in February 2018, Audrey detailed what it means to suffer through mastitis, which is both a physical and mental challenge for new mothers because it means they have serious problems breastfeeding.

None of this means Audrey has any regrets, though, of course.

“He makes all the after-birth pains worth it,” the former reality star gushed over Radley not long after giving birth to the baby,

As for the reactions of brother Bode and sister Ember to their sibling?

“They came to meet their baby brother the day he was born (will share pics soon) but then went back to Gigi and Papa’s.

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“I miss them like crazy, but these first couple days postpartum for my body are something else.

“I’m immensely grateful to have my parents’ help right now because I recognize so many people don’t have that postpartum.

“Knowing that the kids are being loved so well and getting to spend extra time with their grandparents right now is such a gift to me and them.”


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