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Audrey Roloff Skewered by Trolls for Smothering Baby Son in “Dangerous” Blanket


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Audrey Roloff may wanna take a break from posting about her latest child for a little bit.

If the former reality star wants to stop getting harassed on social media, that is.

Ever since giving birth in November to (very) young Radley, Audrey has kept her fans and followers VERY well apprised of how things developed during childbirth and how they’ve been going since.

Just a few days ago, for example, Roloff shared a photo of her bloody placenta, taking folks by rather huge surprise in the process.

In her latest Instagram upload, meanwhile, Audrey didn’t get quite as personal with these same fans and followers — but she did anger a bunch of them.

Alongside a photo of Radley all wrapped and cuddled up, the Little People, Big World alum wrote that her youngest son was “cuddled up in another Kalin blankey.”

She also shared a link to the blanket, promoting a 10 percent off discount for first-time patrons.

radley blanket

Is it poor taste to use your baby son as a sales prop?

Perhaps. Some might say so.

But this aspect of Audrey’s post is not what critics are focused on at the moment.

Instead, many seem to believe Roloff is actually placing Radley in danger by putting him in the position above.

“I know Audrey is right there because she’s taking the picture but does this give anyone else anxiety?!” asked one user.

Others, for their part, agreed that the blanket made them nervous, as a second person chimed in as follows: “That’s just dangerous and unnecessary.”

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A third individual explained Aurdrey’s supposed mistake, writing:

“Safe sleep guidelines recommend that baby is always out to sleep on a flat surface, alone, with nothing in their crib. Blankets present a suffocation risk.”

What’s our take on this alleged scandal?

People need to chill the heck out.

One can perhaps criticize Audrey for how she often comes across as holier-than-thou and because she just says some really weird stuff sometimes.

But this is a loving, caring parent. Can complete strangers on the Internet please not lob judgmental grenades in her direction based on a single photo they see online? 

Just a few days after welcoming her third child (Audrey and Jeremy are also parents to a son named Bode and a daughter named Ember), Audrey reached out to fellow new mothers with a helpful and inspiring message.

“I wish all you postpartum mamas out there could read my DM’s right now literally thousands of you guys expressing your postpartum hurts and the hard that is this season,” she former TLC personality wrote over a precious snapshot of Radley.

Concluded the podcast host and author at the time:

“We are not alone. Whether it’s your physical body like its been for me or your mental state like it is for so many others.

“We need to be honest with ourselves and each other and give ourselves more grace for this season.”


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