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Top SAFe Agile Certifications and Their Importance


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In any organisation or company, business decisions are made by leaders. Their decisions play an integral role in the company or organisation’s future. Their mindset, words, actions and strategies make the functioning of the organisation and workplace. To become one true leader, you need to upskill yourself continuously as per the changing time and they need to stay ahead of the computation. a Lean-Agile mindset becomes crucial as it serves as an intellectual and leadership foundation for applying SAFe principles and practices. There are various certification programmes available on the internet today. One can enrol by choosing training programmes. The leading SAFe certification program covers concepts of a Lean-agile mindset, Agile portfolio, ARTs, etc. The certification assists you with details related to the handling of large-scale projects and it is accepted by every company globally. 

What is SAFe

SAFe is an Agile framework that recommends ways and methods for enterprises to implement, sustain and improve lean and Agile practices. This certification program was introduced in 2011 and the latest updated module was released in Feb 2021. The digital world is ever-changing at an ever-increasing pace and scaled Alile is evolved SAFe to help organisations to achieve business agility. This helps us improve the framework based on the experiences of our customers and partners.

Importance of certification: 

Global recognition

The certification program is recognized by all IT companies throughout the world. The certificate helps you to get recognition in your company and your professional profile will become exceptionally prominent. It helps you to grab the attention of the upper management of your company or organisation.


The certification will add up momentum to your professional life. It will help you to get a better pay scale promising growth rate in the industry and a strong career ahead. You can boost your exceptional skills through this certification. 

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Easily adapt to the organisational needs

Every organisation evolves for better performance and industry demands. And it demands their employees adopt the necessary changes. These changes make you more competent and the professional programmes will develop skills related to Lean User Experience and Startup Cycle. 

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is always targeted to achieve every team and company. A good team always delivers the best result within a given time. Agile’s secure program and certification will help deliver this dedication and promising production over time.

Benefits of taking Leading SAFe training 

The outlines of a SAFe program applies to any enterprise. For any individual employee, it is a learning process for their life. The SAFe Agilist program and certification will be a milestone in their career and professional life. Earning respect and recognition within the Agile community is always considered an achievement. 

Career benefit

As per Forrester’s online Survey, Global Software Application development “The Scale Agile Framework(SAFe) is one of the most widely adopted agile approaches “and is widely used in computer companies. More than 70% of the US Fortune companies are actively employed, SAFe professionals. It clearly shows the demand for SAFe professionals. 

Why should you pursue the SAFe program? 

Most of the big companies and organisations work in distributed teams, dynamic processes and geographic regions. This requires Agile to work through the business to look after the quick development advantages, higher quality goods, and prompt customer inquiry responses. The SAFe system will help effectively synchronise numerous agile teams with coordination, communication and execution. It also helps to introduce maximum market resilience with significant advancements in planning, implementation and leadership skills. When you want to introduce lighter methods to build the organisation, SAFe plays a significant role in processing and handling complicated and large scale projects. It provides consistent outputs and productive efficiency within an enterprise. 

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Who can do these certification programs

The certification program is suitable for those who are looking to aid their organisation in the adoption of a Lean-Agile framework. 

  • Executives 
  • Senior managers
  • Quality analysts
  • Directors
  • VPS
  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Product managers
  • Enterprise architects
  • Solution architects.

Best SAFe certifications 

There are different SAFe certification programs and you need to understand your current role and the potential goal you are pursuing. It is important to choose the right credential and consider what each program delivers. 

SAFe Agilist 5.0 Certification

This certification program provides the potential to become Agile inside yourself. The program helps you to gain market resilience for the enterprises when keeping the workflow agile. 

The certification offers you authentication to follow the fundamentals of SAFe and its value. 


  • Set up a strategic plan to keep ahead of the competition in the market. 
  • Expand diverse employment prospects through tech and IT business sectors. 
  • Optimise the performance approaches and portfolio.
  • It helps to engage cumulative stockholder and end-user development principles. You can learn the best business practices, strategies and discover agile quality management methods.

SAFe Scrum Master Certifications

The Scrum Master certification 2 days program will help you to understand the Scrum master’s position functions in a stable endeavour. The program is mainly focused on team-level Scrum’s basics and examines the role of Scrum Master in the real business sense. 


  • The program offers to know how to enforce iteration scheduling, scrum activities. 
  • It enables ceremonies by a squad and helps to achieve effective iteration.
  • It helps the successful operation of the software increment. 
  • It mentors teams to achieve all market performance and supports successful iteration and execution of PIs. 
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SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Certification

The certification program is an extensive training program on Scrum and SAFe System basics. If you come from a  good job background as a Scrum Master specialist, this certification will help you to jump to the next levels. The Advanced Scrum Master Certification will be the key for your next levels of promotion and it gives the wings to accept more responsibilities. 


  • Helps establish a joint plan for the team to stay ahead of the competition in the market.
  • You can explore diverse employment prospects through tech and IT business sectors. 
  • It helps to study some of the best techniques and methods in the industry to execute professional Scrum Master positions successfully. 
  • You can explore the diversified employment prospects in the tech and IT business sectors. 

SAFe POPM Certification

The SAFe POPM Certification is for people who are looking for an accredited SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager through successful software increment implementation. The program offers skills to build the product vision by refining the product backlog and it ensures you follow the right Agile direction to achieve company agility faster.


  • One can optimise a strategic strategy with the company to keep ahead of the competition in the industry.
  • It gives a wide range of job prospects in the tech and IT sectors. 
  • Authenticate approaches for gaining critical information on Scrum and SAFe.
  • You can learn the best business approaches and techniques for product owners/managers.

SAFe offers a broad approach through implementing and scaling Agile, Scrum and Kanban at a high level. This program includes adequate preparation under the appropriate supervision of an experienced guide who can understand the values, execution and function of SAFe. You should take several test model papers for practice and do a rightful review of both basic and advanced concepts. This way, you will be able to evaluate yourself and create a plan that best suits you.

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