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Avoid Making These Online Interview Mistakes


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Many of us think less of online interviews when compared with in-person recruitment meetings. The truth? An online interview is as tricky and challenging as a regular in-person interview.

In the last months, many job applicants had to go through the dreadful process of online interviews. Not only was this experience new in all forms but the lack of material available to prepare for an online interview made it even more difficult.

Even now as the country is heading toward a stable economic and health state, many organizations have decided to continue functioning remotely. If not completely, then the hybrid work model will force corporate staff to function from their homes half of the time.

This means that if you are looking for a job or might be seeking one sometime soon then you need to start preparing for an online interview.

In this blog, we are going to help you with this. The following are some of the mistakes that people have done in the last year and ruined their online interviews. You do not have to do the same.

Instead by learning from others, you can avoid getting embarrassed over a Zoom call.

Mistake 1: Not Knowing the Online Platform

Before scheduling an interview with you, your potential organization would be giving you complete details of the medium they are going to use for the conduction of the interview. This means that you have all the time in the world to understand how the app or platforms works.

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Instead many people in the past few months have just shown up for online interviews without having any knowledge of the online platform. Half of the time of the interview was wasted on understanding the features of the application. Not only this act can result in disruption but it throws a negative impression on the interviewer. This shows the lack of technological knowledge of the candidate, which is totally a minus, especially if you have applied for a tech company.

Whether you are going to get an interview over Zoom or Goggle Meet or any other platforms it will not take more than few minutes to understand the platforms.

By knowing the basic features of the platforms you can save yourself from a whole lot of embarrassment.

Mistake 2: Not Maintaining Eye Contact

An on and off eye contact is fine with an in-person interview, however with an online meeting things go a little different.

Forming a connection over the virtual meeting is the most difficult thing you can experience. And even if you manage to create one by showing your complete interest in the session, tilting your head looking up or down, or turning your head can completely break the critical connection formed.

By doing so you will not come off as a not-so-confident candidate and might even lose the golden opportunity.We understand that it’s human behavior to look away when thinking, but at the time of the interview make sure you do not end up looking away for too long.

Other than this, making some notes that can help you stay informed during the interview can help in avoiding throwing confused lives.

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Mistake 3: Not Having a Good Internet Connection

We came to this late, but trust us this is the most crucial factor.

After the pandemic, many people did not get the chance to replace their slow internet service with a better internet connection. Months passed and the survival with a slow internet connection at home became unreadable.

People that had their interviews scheduled online found the slow internet connection the most dreading part of the whole experience. Running with laptop in hand to find the right signals in the home, disconnecting continuously and low video quality are just some of the outcomes of having a slow internet connection that can put your interviewer off.

Therefore, instead of dropping chances of making to a good firm, you should invest in a good internet service. For instance, Hughesnet offers hughesnet availability that won’t let your interview get spoiled because of an unstable connection.

Mistake 4: Not Cleaning up Your Background

Again, the online interview might be happening from your home but do not let your comfort zone take over your professionalism.

Before popping up for an online interview make sure you have got your background cleared up. Make sure no clothes are lying around, no junk, or a messed up bed is anywhere to be found in the frame.

Lastly, Have Confidence

An online interview can get a bit nerve-wracking but you can only accomplish it if you show confidence.

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