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Beginners Guide for Selling Online


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You might be planning to quit your stressful job and start selling online, or you want a side job to get a few extra bucks by selling online. Regardless of your reasons, you’re in the right direction because there are many opportunities in e-Commerce.

Selling online is very easy to understand compared to others making money online. You probably only need an internet connection and products to sell, and then you are good to go. 

Before you start selling online, there are some things to consider:

Deciding on the product to offer

Before jumping to selling things online, you must know and understand the product you want to offer. Is it poorly defined? Or is it provided by many people on the market? If you answer these questions satisfactorily, then you know your niche and your product well.

Choosing the right platform

To be successful in the marketplace, you should have the right platform. There are many e-commerce platforms, but choose a platform that fits your product. You can decide to try them and see which one suits you best.

Evaluate the performance of each platform from companies that have at least tried to integrate the intended system of their business using online quiz software.

Choosing payment method

Choose a payment method that ensures payment processing is secure. Many safe payment methods don’t require many procedures like signatures. You can try PayPal, Venmo, CahApp, etc. 

After considering the factors, you also need e-commerce platforms where you can sell your product online. There are many of them in the online space, and some are payable while some are free. Some e-commerce platforms are; Wix, Shopify, Ecwid, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.

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Selling products online isn’t easy because you have to market your products and build a customer base simultaneously. Below are five tips to guide one of the top online sellers.

  • Start with your existing networks

When starting, you would want to start with your friends and relatives because they are probably the only people you know. These are your first customers. Meet them in person and share your ideas with them, and you might make your first sale here.

You can then proceed to the local communities, workmates, etc. 

  • Maximize use of social media

Social media has a large market base, and it is the best platform to sell your brand. Communicate and share your brand with people you know and those who follow you. It is also the most effective way of selling your brand as you only need a phone to share and respond to your customers’ queries. Because the social media channels give you a platform to live chat with your customers, understand their needs, and get feedback. 

  • Organize a launch contest

After knowing everything about the product, choosing the right platform, and making social media part of your marketing strategy, it is time to make an official launch for your company. Occasion the event with fanfare and contests. 

With the contest, you’ll be able to raise your brand awareness and probably make your first sale. If you did not test your product before, then this is the right time to do the testing as it will help you determine the viability of your product. It can also help you make a relationship with other business moguls. Remember to invite your existing network and throw them a party if possible.

  • Use ready online selling platforms.
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Developing an e-commerce platform is not a walk in the park as it requires huge capital. So, to start, use ready-made platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc., to sell your goods. These platforms are already established, and they can help you market your brand faster.

At this point, you can link all your social networks, website, and email campaigns to the online platform of your choosing.

  • Use online ads

Online ads can also help you drive traffic to your online platform. You can use Facebook and Twitter ads. 

To sell your products online, you must prepare adequately. You must start by understanding your product, drawing a plan, and creating a sms marketing platforms or marketing strategy.

If you want to succeed in the online space, you must plan well and work hard on your plans because the only difference between success and failure is planning.


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