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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1: Where Are They Now?


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Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 1 was filled with the drama you’d expect from the franchise.

It had a great cast and drama that made the tension on the high seas reach boiling point.

But where did everyone end up?

Check out where the cast is today.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1 Cast

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1 Cast

The cast included Hannah Ferrier, Julia d’Albert Pusey, Tiffany Copeland, Ben Robinson, Bryan Kattenburg, Bobby Giancola, Jenn Riservato, Danny Zureikat, and Captain Mark Howard.

Julia d’Albert Pusey Then…

Julia d'Albert Pusey Then...
Julia had a fun-loving personality and she actually enjoyed her job.

She was probably the most drama-free steward in franchise history.

Much of her storyline in her first — and only — season involved Bobby Giancola following her around like a lost puppy because he had the hots for her.

Mark Howard Then…

Mark Howard Then...
Mark was the Captain of the Ionian Princess yacht.

He kept himself to himself and largely allowed his crew to fulfill their duties.

He only really got involved when things went haywire.

Mark Howard Now…

Mark Howard Now...
Mark kept a low profile after leaving the series, but he was known for responding to fan questions on social media.

Sadly, Mark passed away in October 2021 at 65 years old.

His co-stars broke the news on social media.

Ben Robinson Then…

Ben Robinson Then...
Ben moved from the main series to the spinoff and made quite the impression.

He got close to Hannah Ferrier, only for it all to come crashing down when they bickered over the name of courses.

It was something!

Ben Robinson Now…

Ben Robinson Now...
Ben has appeared in multiple shows in the Below Deck universe.

He’s living in Florida, engaged, and very happy.

He regularly appears on Below Deck: Galley Talk, alongside several of his co-stars.

Will we ever see him o a yacht as a chef again? Probably not.

Hannah Ferrier Then…

Hannah Ferrier Then...
Hannah was the Chief Stewardess on the freshman season of the Bravo hit.

She was known for bickering with her co-stars, but she did bend over backward to make sure the guests were happy.

That’s kind of what you would expect if you chartered a yacht.

Tiffany Copeland Then…

Tiffany Copeland Then...
Tiffany found herself getting intro arguments with Hannah over the third stew position.

The pair ultimately made things right with each other by the end of the season.

Tiffany Copeland Now…

Tiffany Copeland Now...
Tiffany was well away from the high seas in 2021, but she became a captain beforehand.

Cool, right?

The former reality TV star gave birth to a baby girl in July that year, and is happily married.

Bryan Kattenburgh Then…

Bryan Kattenburgh Then...
Bryan ruffled a lot of feathers for his actions on the freshman season of Below Deck Mediterranean.

He was caught up in a string of arguments, which made for good TV.

Bryan Kattenburgh Now…

Bryan Kattenburgh Now...
Bryan exited the world of yachting a few years ago.

He now spends his time in the world of media, working as an associate producer.

The star deleted his Instagram account and his Twitter has not been updated since 2018.

Bobby Giancola Then…

Bobby Giancola Then...
Bobby was the deckhand on the first season.

He fell for Julia, but she had a boyfriend back home, making things super complicated.

He also found himself arguing with fellow deckhand Danny.

Bobby Giancola Now…

Bobby Giancola Now...
Bobby returned for the second season, and still appears in the franchise via Below Deck: Galley Talk.

While he no longer works as a deckhand, he is a yacht broker nowadays.

Danny Zureikat Now…

Danny Zureikat Now...
Danny is no longer yachting, and is now focused on becoming an actor and content creator.

Hey, he had a photo on Getty, which is more than can be said for many of his co-stars.

Jenn Riservato Then…

Jenn Riservato Then...
Jenn was a female deckhand on the freshman season.

She always stood up for what she believed in and called Bryan out for his chauvinistic ways before her exit.

Jenn Riservato Now…

Jenn Riservato Now...
Jenn has been keeping a low profile since her exit

The star is engaged to soccer star Paige Nielsen.

They are engaged!


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