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Below Deck Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?


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Below Deck premiered in 2013, and it was far from the show it is today.

The series had outlandish guests that tested the patience of everyone working on the boat, but the cast didn’t gel as well as they did on the later seasons.

We would even go as far as saying that any potential viewers should skip the season entirely.

Still, there was a cast, and it’s time to delve into what they got up to back then and, more importantly, what they are up to nowadays.


The Cast

The Cast

From left to right we have Ben Robinson, C.J. LeBeau, Kat Held, Adrienne Gang, David Bradberry, Aleks Taldykin, Sam Orme, and Eddie Lucas. They look great, right?

C.J. LeBeau Then…

C.J. LeBeau Then...
The Bravo hit rarely shows engineers, which might be because of C.J.’s antics throughout the freshman season.

He was involved in a relationship with his co-star, Sam, and made minimal impact on the overall show.

It makes sense then that the show never invited him back for another season.

C.J. LeBeau Now…

C.J. LeBeau Now...
C.J.’s one-season stint could also be attributed to the fact he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend when the first season was airing.

The star disappeared from oblivion thereafter, and stays away from the world of social media.

That’s why we used another photo of him from the first season.

Sam Orme Then…

Sam Orme Then...
Sam was well-known for hating her job and butting heads with much of her co-stars.

She balked at the idea that she should listen to her boss, Adrienne.

The relationship between the 3rd Steward and the Chief Steward is always rocky on the series.

Sam clearly didn’t want to be on the boat as an employee, and it made sense that she was never brought back.

Sam Orme Now…

Sam Orme Now...
Sam left the yachting world behind, got married, had a kid, and the rest is history.

You could tell Sam hated her job, or maybe it was just Adrienne, but she looks happy and healthy.

Adrienne Gang Then…

Adrienne Gang Then...
Adrienne was the most serious Chief Steward in franchise history.

She was unapproachable for the most part, yelling orders at the people below her.

She was replaced the following season with Kate Chastain, and it probably saved the show.

Adrienne Gang Now…

Adrienne Gang Now...
The OG Chief Stew exited the series after the freshman run and was replaced by Kate Chastain.

Adrienne returned to the following season as a guest of the charter guests.

Adrienne is now married, still working on the sea, and has launched a Below Deck podcast.

David Bradberry Then…

David Bradberry Then...
David was too pure for the show.

He was drama-free, and those are the kind of people that don’t translate well on reality TV.

David was an excellent deckhand, and he did get another shot at the show a few seasons later, albeit for a few episodes.

David Bradberry Now…

David Bradberry Now...
David reappeared two seasons after his first stint, but you could tell he did not live for the drama like his co-stars.

His return was short, and he seemingly left the show in a loving relationship.

Unfortunately, David broke up with his fiance in 2019.

David is now an actor.

Lee Rosbach Then…

Lee Rosbach Then...
Captain Lee is the longest-running member of the franchise.

His no-nonsense attitude has found him firing a wealth of people from the boats over the years.

He is the person most synonymous with the franchise.

Lee Rosbach Now…

Lee Rosbach Now...
Captain Lee remains at the helm of the original series. That marks nine seasons to date.

Captain Lee was ominously missing from the beginning of Below Deck Season 8, and we later learned he slipped and wound up in the hospital.

One year later, he was missing from the beginning of Below Deck Season 9.

He confessed to Eddie that he was in hospital again and he had to get surgery because he was suffering with A-Fib.

Kat Held Then…

Kat Held Then...
Kat wanted to have a good time, get drunk, and not do her job correctly.

It put her on the outs with many of her co-stars, but she did a complete 180 the following season and made little waves.

Kat Held Now…

Kat Held Now...
Kat returned for the second season of the show, and her storyline was much less dramatic.

She went on to become a bartender, before revealing she was pursuing nursing.

Many people leave the yachting industry behind because it is such a fast-paced environment, and it seems Kat is flourishing away from the sea.

Ben Robinson Then…

Ben Robinson Then...
Ben was the first chef on the series, and we witnessed him get a little too hot and bothered in the kitchen.

Who can forget his reactions to people sending food back? He translates well on reality TV.

Ben Robinson Now…

Ben Robinson Now...
Ben has appeared in multiple shows in the Below Deck universe.

He’s living in Florida, engaged, and very happy.

He regularly appears on Below Deck: Galley Talk, a spinoff that has former cast members watching and reacting to new episodes. Yes, that’s still a thing.

Aleks Taldykin Then…

Aleks Taldykin Then...
There wasn’t much going on with Aleks, aside from his disdain for Captain Lee.

The arguments between the two make sense when you consider that it has been revealed Aleks was supposed to lead the boat.

Aleks Taldykin Now…

Aleks Taldykin Now...
Alex was not dramatic enough for reality TV, but the one-time reality TV star is still heavily involved with sea-based roles.

He has served as a captain on countless vessels.

Eddie Lucas Then…

Eddie Lucas Then...
Eddie Lucas started his journey as a deckhand, and his status has only improved with every season that followed.

He is fair and knows the ins and outs of the boats.

He does make some bad decisions, but you can tell he’s remorseful for them in the aftermath.

Eddie Lucas Got in Trouble on Season 3!

Eddie Lucas Got in Trouble on Season 3!
Eddie was firm fixture of the cast in the earlier editions of the series, but all of that came crashing down when he had sex with Rocky on the boat.

Captain Lee was less than thrilled about it, and made his feelings known during a reunion episode.

Eddie Lucas Now…

Eddie Lucas Now...
Eddie returned for Below Deck Season 8 after several years away from the franchise. He was the Bosun of the 8th season and subsequently got promoted to First Officer.

This role he took on full-time on Below Deck Season 9.

Still, he does not get on with Chef Rachel Hargrove after their various bust-ups throughout Season 8, and it became a plot on Season 9.

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